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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Resuming painting? Plus cheap SF buildings

Given that my left arm seems to be recovering, I'm planning to try resuming painting tomorrow or Saturday. I'll be using a padded keyboard wrist-rest to provide a cushion for my elbows while painting and doing shorter bursts with longer breaks.

Cheap SF buildings

After reading various threads on TMP about using various items as a source of cheap buildings for SF, I've bought a couple of bits to give this a go myself when the weather gets a bit warmer - they'll need spray painting and at the moment I don't want to be opening the windows for ventilation as it takes my central heating positively ages to warm my flat up again. I could do the spraying in the morning before I go to work I guess, but waiting would give me some time to buy various fittings to accessorise them - windows, doors, vents, a/c units etc.

The bits I've bought for this:
1 pack of 3 Really Useful Boxes small collapsible crates (18cm x 13.5cm x 9cm)
1 triple-socket 30mm mounting box* (20.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.5cm)
1 double-socket flanged mounting box* (13.5cm x 7.5cm x 5cm)

* from B&Q's electrical supplies section


  1. Take care when using the padded keyboard thingy as a rest when painting. I used one and ended up with tennis elbow :-/ I think they are ok for typing but painting you hold your hands in a different way/angle.

  2. Packaging can actually be your best source for SciFi buildings. Plastic instant noodle bowls, pasta sauce containers, one-serve heat and eat dessert containers, torch battery packaging, and CD/DVD containers all work well if you either hit 'em with a spray can or cover them with paper mache (for that stucco effect) and then paint.

    For spray painting, I use a cardboard box as a spray box. Go outside to bomb the target in the box. Let sit for a couple of minutes, and then you can take the bomb-box inside and leave in a ventilated room to dry.

  3. I've some bits from gzg for your buildings if you want them, plus some vehicules and kravak.

  4. @Paul - I tend to shift position quite a bit anyway - sometimes the elbow will be on it, sometimes my wrist or forearm, sometimes none of them.

    @Kobold - ahh, the "that blister/packaging looks like it could be useful for scenics at some point" bag. I've got one of those as well, but not much in there is building-size (well, maybe for 6mm if I ever do SF in that scale)

    @Seb - GZG building bits would be handy; will probably be getting a load from them, The Scene, Khurasan and Antenocities. Maybe some bits from Ramshackle as well


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