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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Did you think I was joking?

Well, yesterday I did threaten to post the SF campaign background fluff I'd been thinking up. See if you can guess where my thinking comes from:

The Super-Galactic Associated Republic of Planets (TS-GARP)

TS-GARP was the dominant governing body until recently, with all but a handful of known populated systems being members. Those that weren't members were generally inhospitable, low population or had limited exploitable resources.

TS-GARP was first established over 2 millenia ago, increasing in size and complexity as new systems came under its control. However, over time its original ideals fell away as corruption, inefficiency, incompetence, procrastination and remoteness from the subject populations grew (along with the economic burdens placed on them through taxation and the bribes necessary to conduct any form of trade). Government was by a Congress of representatives from each member system - over time these became dynastic and aristocratic, interested only in representing their own interests rather than those of the people in their systems. Free trade between systems had largely broken down as a result of the high taxes and the bribes to politicians and th merchant guilds needed to transport goods from one system to another.

Unrest had led to rebellion in some systems, to which TS-GARP reacted with uncharacteristic alacrity to brutally suppress with maximum force, largely due to responses of some of the regional governors they had appointed. This unsettled a large number of senior military officers, many senior administrators and a small number of politicians and merchants. It also led to growing unrest in previously non-rebellious systems.

5 years ago - Overthrow of TS-GARP and rise of the Federated Empire of Worlds (FEW)

The network of those in senior positions who had grown disturbed by what was occurring in TS-GARP were finally in a position to act, and did so with surprising speed and focus. Congress was overthrown in a matter of days and FEW was established. There was much rejoicing among the systems previously ruled by the aristocratic and merchant elites, particularly when their attempted counter-coup failed abysmally and many were killed.

Current Status:

After 5 years, most of the former TS-GARP worlds are now members of FEW although their are still pockets of systems still under the thumb of their aristocratic elites. Some formerly independent systems have now joined FEW.

FEW has been able to reduce interstellar taxation, reducing the burden on ordinary citizens, and has acted to stamp out the bribery expected by the merchant guilds thereby freeing up interstellar trade once more.

A new Congress has been called, tasked with agreeing a new constitution and system of governance for FEW. In the interim, former Governor Mas Sajing has been appointed Emperor for a term of 5 years.

The military almost entirely pledged its loyalty to FEW, although some fleets and garrisons defected to the systems still controlled by TS-GARP.


The aristocratic elites have not given up their belief that they have an absolute right to govern the galaxy, and have been building up their own military on the planets they still control and trying to forment sedition in systems controlled by FEW. Acts of sabotage are common, committed by cells of TS-GARP troops rather than inhabitants of FEW systems. They have also committed numerous terrorist acts against civiilian targets.

Empirical Tempest Commandos

The elite troops of the reconfigured FEW army, easily recognisable by their white armour. the Empirical Tempest Commandos are specially trained in counter insurgency operations, and selected for their ability to work with local populations. Promotion is based entirely on merit - all NCOs and officers are selected for training from the ordinary ranks.

Bo'Dyar T'Ette

The Bo'Dyar T'Ette system is one of the new members of FEW, having refused to join TS-GARP. This resulted in a large but unsuccessful attack by TS-GARP forces, leading FEW to provide a small protective military presence in the system, consisting of a battalion of Empirical Tempest Commandos and a small naval patrol group (2 light cruisers, 2 destroyers, 2 frigates, 2 sensor pickets, 3 corvettes and 3 couriers).

Having been independent of TS-GARP, but in a location near to major systems, Bo'Dyar T'Ette became a favoured system of smugglers, pirates, outlaws, free traders and those simply seeking to escape from the corruption and oppression of TS-GARP.

There is 1 minor habitable planet in the system, and 1 minor and 1 larger planet which are habitable after a fashion.

B'D T'E 4 - Ro'Dne Kyhs'Sak

Climate: temperate to warm; humid; habitable
Terrain Description: Largely forested with some mountain ranges, seas and lakes. Some grasslands.
Intelligent Native Species: 2 inteligent species known, the K'Owe and the E'Ikoow. Populations unknown
Human Population: some small survey parties and trading outposts. Possible site of bases for some criminal groups and TS-GARP cells.

B'D T'E 3 - Bo'Dyar T'Ette

Climate: mostly hot, dry, arid, barely habitable but with areas where habitation is possible toward the cooler poles.
Terrain Description: largely dry desert; arid grasslands; some mountain ranges and rocky wastelands. Some small bodies of water in the polar regions.
Intelligent Native Species: 2 intelligent species known, the A'Waj and the Ne'Skut. Populations unknown.
Human Population: around 200-300,000, mostly in the polar regions. 2 starports, 1 in each polar region.

B'D T'E 7 - H'Toh

Climate: cold, very cold
Terrain description: the entire planet is covered by ice (some mountains and rock formations are visible above the ice sheet)
Intelligent Native Species: none known
Human Population: some small survey parties, mining and ice cutting teams. Possible site of bases for some criminal groups and TS-GARP cells.

So, where do I take it from here? I still haven't decided whether this will be used for a solo-campaign or as a setting to use with other SF players from my club. It may even go as a combination of the two.

It will certainly be a while before I can bring it to life - figures, vehicles and terrain will all need to be sourced and made ready. I know what figures I'll be using for all bu the Ne'Skut - might need to do some head-swaps for them.

Now, how do I work my Khurasan Space Demons into this setting??????


  1. Certainly an in depth background to the game..

  2. Well, it's been buzzing round in my head for a few weeks now. Maybe getting it out there in pixels will clear up part of my brain's processing capacity for other, more useful things.

    Unfortunately, I suspect that it will fill up instead with scenario ideas for when I get round to starting the campaign ;-)

  3. Two thoughts for your Space Demons - either denizens of a haunted hulk, or hitherto unknown nasty inhabitants of one of your existing worlds.

    Haunted Hulk - a gigantic, yet obviously damaged, sublight ship of alien construction, is detected entering the system. It will slingshot around the system primary and then leave the system for deep space. Various factions decide to try and intercept the ship and see if they can retrieve any useful tech from it. Can be played as a space hulk game between rival teams with the space demons as a particularly nasty extra hazard or all players on one team with rival teams and space demons as hazards.

    Nasty Neighbours - climatic events re-awaken a long dormant species which proves potentially catastrophic to the current inhabitants. Think Pitch Black.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I was kind-of-thinking that maybe they could be used on H'Toh, given that there's not much else there - Dancing in Ice Demons anyone?