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Friday, 27 January 2012

ZOMG! Busy day on my blog!

What can I say? I guess there's only one thing that can be said - "Thank you ever so much Armand for bigging me up on TMP!"

For those that aren't regular TMP readers, Armand (aka Tango01) regularly scans blogs, wargames sites and various other sources on the web for eye candy which he posts up on TMP. Last night he found and posted this pic of my Sarmatian lancers in this TMP thread. Since then I've had almost 400 hits to my blog and gained a few new followers.

(in)Famous at last!! :-)

I didn't feel like doing any proper painting this evening (NB - nothing to do with my new found fame) so I just did some simple jobs - "whitewashing" some figures and bits (the light horse, command groups plus the camp followers and paraphernalia) which I've just given a brown ink-wash to bring out the details before the painting.

If you've read my posts in Armand's thread on TMP you'll see I've had an idea about how to do the painted horn-scale barding on horses better - grey/brown basecoat followed by a colour ink-wash. I'll have to try that at some point, maybe when I do the rest of the armoured lancers. thinking about it, it's basically the same method that I'm using for the horse colouring, but more colourful.

Sorry - no pics today!


  1. Armand is a nice Guy...he got my blog off the ground as it were.
    PS..I was looking forward to the neighbour getting his/her fingers stuck in a mousetrap :-D

    1. He's definitely a nice guy and my pageviews rocketed as a result of his post on TMP


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