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Sunday, 29 January 2012

WIP: Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #02 (and Test Lab Update)

Haha! That threw you didn't it! Pics at the start of the post rather than after my blatherings.

In between chores, I got a bit more done on the "other cavalry" - manes; tails; dark muzzles and cannons* where appropriate; light socks on the palaminos; plus the leather-ware (cruppers, girths, reins, bridles). The metal-ware and colourful bits will be done alongside painting the riders.

*cannon = lower leg

Here are some more pics:

Later on I'll add white markings to those horses that might have them.

The one thing I have realised is that I've almost certainly been working in the wrong order on these figures. With the riders affixed, it would have made much more sense to do them first and the horses afterwards. I'll try to remember that for my next batch.

I'm pretty sure that I'll have these 48 figures finished to the point of being on textured bases by next weekend. Then it's a quick dash to paint up some infantry (bow and javelin light foot); my commanders and the camp. That will give me an army I can use in the club competition - any other units I complete can be used to vary that army.

Test Lab Update: Having left the command lancer figures overnight, I tested the "B" figure by applying some brown-wash. The red ink did re-dilute a little in patches, but not too badly.

The effect is quite good, although the down-time between applying the ink-dilutions and doing further work may not always be practicable.


  1. Looking good! Hope they turn out as good as they've started.

  2. I sure hope not, Phil. Because in that case my poor Chinese foot sluggers would be trashed...

    But then , I must admit: Tamsin, your WIP horses look good.

  3. cheers guys! Now for the difficult bit - painting the riders whilst not getting any paint onto the horses! (think I might gloss varnish the horses to make it easier to clean up mistakes).

    @Seb - don't forget that all of mine are undrilled which should give your army some advantages against them :)

  4. Hmm, maybe. But I don't know the rules, so I just assumed the worst. It's true that all my guys will be drilled, armoured and have heavy weapon/spearmen. Oh and I almost forgot... Crossbows!