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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

AHPC6 Entries - The Crusties

or the "Nasty Nokians" as Curt has dubbed them

For my second of these review posts, I've chosen to go with my 15mm Crusties from GZG. These were posted as five separate entries over the course of the penultimate weekend and the first three days of the final week. Surprisingly they were my only SciFi entries (if you exclude a couple of my 28mm character figures).

I went for a "traditional" colour scheme for weapons and equipment - white (actually, Sky Grey) darker greys and orange. For the infantry and cavalry I used a mix of light brownish colours with a sepia wash.

The first post was the light armoured contingent of four walkers and some armoured infantry.

The second entry was four cavalry (prawnelry?) scouts - Crusties mounted on giant shrimps.

The third entry was the infantry "grunts" (clicks?) - 8 bases of them.

Fourth up were the infantry heavy weapons teams.

The fifth and final entry was made up of the commander's base and the specialists.

These were a fun bunch of figures to paint and I've recently received some reinforcements that I'll be prepping and painting shortly.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Prepping and Assembling

Well, my brushes have been cleaned. My size 1 is definitely past it and the size 0 isn't far behind. That's not too surprising really as they've both seen a lot of heavy duty. I've decided to retire both and cracked open new ones ready to go with my next painting project.

Last night I did a bit of assembly work. While looking for something else, I came across a bunch of 4Ground furniture packs and thought "Hmm, that's something I could make up reasonably quickly". A couple of hours later and I had some of them made up, after which I did get some paints out, just to go over the bare MDF on the edges to make it match the painted surfaces. Here's a couple of pics:

I've still got a few packs of chairs to make up, but as those are fiddly jobs I'll leave them for a day or two.

Today I've been prepping the extra Aztecs I bought. I've still got some weapons, the shields and the back banners to do, but they can wait until tomorrow. The figures have gone into a container of hot soapy water for a soak to remove loose metal and any mold release agent.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

AHPC6 Entries - The 6mm Confederates

Righty-ho, it's about time I kicked off my series of posts showing off my  submissions to this year's Challenge. I have stated that I will be doing this grouped by theme, and what better place to start than with my gloriously tiny Sons of the South - the 6mm Confederates.

These were submitted over three posts and took me about 5 weeks (including head-space breaks painting other things) to paint and base.

The first entry was 22 bases of infantry, a whopping 616 of the tiny blighters which I had madly decided to paint up in one fell swoop. Never, never, never again (until the next time I decide to do something that daft). I think you can imagine just how frazzled I felt when doing the details like the flesh (616 faces, 1232 hands). However, it did allow me to create a suitably "irregular" look to their clothing, hats and blanket rolls so there is that going for painting them en masse.

As you can probably imagine, I needed a break from 6mm after that effort and painted some other things for a short while.

My second entry for these was the artillery. I'd actually painted (but not submitted) the guns during last year's Challenge when I was painting the Union forces.

When it got round to basing them, I had a bit of a panic - one of the guns had disappeared. Fortunately I found it before the entry was posted and was able to take some pics and include them in the post.

The third entry for this army comprised two bases of Zouaves, four bases of mounted cavalry, two of dismounted cavalry, six bases of generals and seven individual mounted figures to act as "PIP" markers or messengers.

Someone had jokingly challenged another person in the Challenge to try painting a skewbald horse and several other people then followed suit. I decided a bit of oneupwomanship was in order, so painted a skewbald horse and a piebald horse

I was rather pleased to have got them all painted during the Challenge as I now have two armies and can have a go at using them (once I've painted up some 6mm terrain).