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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Paint Table Saturday 06 March & Podcast #69


You may recall that last Sunday I wrote that I should have the Confederate cavalry fully painted by this weekend provided there were no major distractions. I'm pretty sure that you (quite correctly) guessed that there would be distractions.

On Monday I received the download link for the PDF of "O Group", the new battalion level WW2 rules by David CR Brown (available from the Too Fat Lardies - I'd suggest waiting a week or two as they don't currently have stock of the MDF tokens). So, I had a good skim through the rules on Monday, before recording the latest episode of the Madaxeman Lockdown Podcast (see below). On Wednesday my physical copy arrived (minus the tokens as they'd run out - I understand the extra stock has been received and should be posted shortly):

Yes, I have been quite absorbed reading the rules and considering what scale to go for. There is a mad bit of me (just the one? Ed.) thinking of going 2mm as it matches the ground scale. The more sensible (these things are relative) is thinking 6mm or 10/12mm would be a better idea.

But that's enough of a diversion to discuss my distraction; back to the 6mm Confederate cavalry.

I have managed to get a reasonable amount done today and they are now at a point where I should be able to get the painting finished on Monday. All that's left to do is the wood, flesh, hair, black leather, metals and the guidons.

Lockdown Podcast

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Paint Table Sunday 28 February plus Lockdown Podcast #whatever


As you can see, I have started work on the Confederate cavalry. There is just a little bit more to do on the horses before I start on the riders. Assuming I don't suffer any more major distractions*, I should be able to finish painting this lot by next weekend.

* almost all of those distractions have been self-created

I thought I'd get the link for the latest Madaxeman Lockdown Podcast posted before we record the next one:

In this episode, amongst the usual witterings, we have Dave subjecting himself to "I'm Sorry, I Think You're An Arse". To date there have been no complaints about this segment from our listener**, so we will probably be continuing with the series for a while.

** before anybody writes in, yes, I know there are at least three people who follow my blog that listen to the podcasts. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Wednesday Workbench 24 February

 Blimey! It seems like a positive age since I did a "Wednesday Workbench" post (quick check - it was late last October, if you ignore non-~Wednesday workbench posts).

I've finally finished painting the 6mm Union cavalry:

Next up - 6mm Confederate cavalry:

I'll be starting work on these tomorrow - hopefully I'll get these finished somewhat quicker than their Union counterparts!

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Podcast #67

 Another week, another podcast. As nobody has complained (so far) this weeks episode features the second edition of "I'm sorry, but I think you're an arse" along with the usual ramblings. Also featured are a couple of book recommendations from me, myself and I.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Workbench and Shinies 15 February; plus Podcasts

 Eeeeeks! I haven't posted here for a couple of weeks. I guess I should give a quick update on things.

My house purchase (and move out of London) isn't going ahead - a second viewing before exchange of contracts (and payment of the deposit) revealed that the works I had thought could be done after I moved in would need to be done beforehand. With all the furniture out and the central heating turned down it was also clear that the issues were more extensive then originally indicated by the survey and my first viewing. There was no way that I could realistically arrange and oversee the works from London, so I withdrew my offer. 

That means two things:

1. I'm back to square one on the hunt for a house out of London. I'll probably leave it a couple of months before looking again.

2. I can resume painting figures and terrain! And I have made a start!

Yes, I have (finally) returned to my 6mm ACW project. Well, they were primed just over four years ago and a simple enough project to take on. The only trouble is I keep getting distracted, so they are taking longer to paint than they should. I've started with the Union cavalry and generals; I have the same quantity of Confederate cavalry and generals, plus some artillery, limbers and dismounted cavalry to do when these are finished. I'll be doing all the basing in one go.

As it will be a good few months before I move home, it also means that I can order figures and stuff without worrying that delays could see packages being delivered to the wrong address. I placed an order about two weeks ago and the figures arrived today:

In case you can't see in the photo what they are, 16 of the packs are US Airborne and one is the British Airborne senior officers pack. Why Us Airborne? Well, these will be for my New Guinea project to represent the 503rd PIR who first saw action in the Lae campaign.


The distractions which have interfered with my painting also distracted me from posting the podcast link last week, so you are actually getting the links for two in this post. 

In case you are wondering why they are episodes 63 and 65, it's because Tim inserted an aDLG list-building discussion as episode 64 in between.

Monday, 1 February 2021

Lockdown Podcast #who knows

Another fun-packed* 105 minutes or so of the Madaxeman Lockdown Podcast is available for your listening delight*.

In this episode we come up with two potential titles for Osprey; discuss the correct order to use MicroSet and MicroSol; find out the answers to last week's quiz and get set some more.

* "fun" and "delight" not guaranteed. Terms and Conditions apply. And termites apply conditioner. Enjoyment may go down as well as up.

Saturday, 23 January 2021

The Podcast Strikes Back

 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

OK, in London and Poole and now...

The less-than-magnificent seven have re-convened for another series of the Madaxeman Lockdown Podcasts, and the first one is available to download/listen to now. Have we got any better? I'll leave that for you to judge.

If you really, really want to listen to a long digression away from figure buying, figure painting and wargaming to discuss the benefits of Yorkshires*, then here is the link to the latest episode of chaos:

* Yorkshire puddings to the less enlightened. 

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Dredd vs Death


There has been rather a long gap since my last post - sorry about that. Mostly I have been reading, but I did finally knuckle down and paint up this vignette.

This model is/was the special edition miniature which was included with the Judge Dredd rules from Warlord Games. It is based on this artwork by Greg Staples:

Which in turn appears to have been inspired by the cover art of 2000AD prog 1114 by Paolo Parente:

The story "Death Becomes Him" doesn't actually feature Judge Death, other than as a malignant influence on an actor who plays him.

That, surely, is enough of an introductory blurb. On with the pics!

This will be the last figure I paint for a while as I don't want to start anything and then stop part of the way through to pack everything up for moving home (ps - still no news on completion date).

Tomorrow I will be spending time cleaning brushes and airbrushes. After that I will be having a bit of a sort-out of my painting room - I've definitely got quite a lot of stuff that can be thrown out.

Saturday, 2 January 2021

News Crew and Minders for Judge Dredd plus (one day late!) 9th Blogiversary

 Go on, admit it. You missed me, didn't you?

It has been almost a whole month since I last posted. In my last post, I had just started work on this set of figures:

The next day I did do a little bit more work on them, but then hit a bit of a funk and only got back to them on Thursday. I finished painting them yesterday and did the varnishing today.

The News Crew:

I had started out giving the reporter an Asian skin tone but it wasn't working out right, so I went back and did an African skin tone. 
I'm not sure what happened with  the focus on a lot of these photos. They looked fine on my camera screen when I took them.

The Minders:

Alternatively, the girl could be a ganger; the guy could be a mob boss.

The Robot Butler/Maitre D:

This robot could be the crime-lord Nero Narcos' "man" servant.

The NeoSov Agent (or mob assassin):

The figures are all from Copplestone Castings.

9th Blogiversary

Yesterday was nine years from me beginning this blog. Last year I wrote a list of things that I planned for 2020 - let's see how I did...

1) Terrain - I need to get on with building my terrain collection. Mind you, that will have to wait until I have a little more space (I will be moving out of London this year). I'll be wanting terrain for New Guinea, Arnhem, Mega City One, Mexicagrave...

Despite not moving out of London yet (my house purchase is progressing - hopefully I'll be moving this month) I did do quite well on this. I made a bunch of rock formations for Strontium Dog, painted up a lot of terrain for Mega City One and a few hills and marshes for "Infamy, Infamy!".

2) No new armies, but I can add to existing forces (and paint/add to armies that have been bought but not painted)

I think I did rather well on this one (in comparison to previous years at any rate). The only new armies I bought were the Romans and Germans for "Infamy, infamy!". Mind you, i have since purchased some extra figures for both so that I can also use them for Art de la Guerre.

Oh, and I may have bought more figures for existing projects.

3) Have a bit of a clear out - there are some painted figures that I very much doubt will ever see the table and a huge pile which I doubt will ever be painted. Some may be donated to the club, others sold off at shows.

Didn't happen.

4) Finish off some of my incomplete projects - the Sarmatians, Buccaneers and Aztecs spring to mind)

I did manage to paint up a 28mm Wars of the Roses army for ADLG. Mind you, the less said about the older unfinished projects the better.

5) Get more games in - I haven't done much gaming in 2019. I might even try some solo gaming.

I did manage to get one game in. If Covid hadn't come along I might have got more games in.

6) Shows - Salute is a definite; other shows may depend on my move out of London.

Bloody Covid! No shows for 2020 and I doubt that there will be any in 2021. Maybe late in the year if the vaccines help bring down infection rates.

7) Painting - I do want to improve my painting skills this year by working on character figures and trying new techniques.

I did paint quite a few character figures during AHPC X and also for my Judge Dredd project and my skill levels have improved, but I didn't really get to try any new techniques.

I guess I should make some plans for 2021:

1) Paint up the rest of the figures (and terrain) for my "Infamy, Infamy!" project (including the extra Romans and Germans to expand the forces for ADLG).

2) Make and paint the rest of my terrain for Mega City One. Also to paint the extra figures and vehicles for that project.

3) Make up a load of jungle terrain for my WW2 New Guinea project (which will also be usable for the Mexicagrave project if I ever get back around to that).

4) I probably need to add a few more bases of medium cavalry to my Mongol army.

5) Complete my 15mm SYW Russian army by painting up the Observation Corps. OK, and maybe some more Cossacks, artillery and commanders.

6) Make up and paint some more terrain for my Arnhem project.

7) If I've finished the terrain for (3) and (6), begin work on the Japanese and German opposition forces.

8) See about finishing some of those old projects...

9) If any shows do go ahead in 2021 to get to some of them.

Check back this time next year to see how I did!

As mentioned above, I should be moving out of London this month (unless there are any more delays in the process). Once that happens, I will be busy for a month or two getting the new place set up (and selling my current flat), so there might not be much painting going on.