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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 - Post 3: The Lootz

Bleugh! The cold I thought I might be developing isn't a mere sniffle but a full-blown bug of yuckiness. That is going to set my plans back a bit.

But enough of that, you want my Salute Loot post.

The bits in the freebie bag - Agincourt longbowman, die and a fire arc template:

From Brigade Models - a building and two repair crews in different helmet types:

Perry 28mm plastic WotR light cavalry:

From Donnington Miniatures - 24 Bulgar cavalry (15mm):

From Figures in Comfort - some Litko hex flight bases and some 1.5" flight pegs:

Some Foundry figures and some Copplestone beat cops

From Northumbrian Tin Soldiers - the Night Folk teddy bears pack. I've got absolutely no use whatsoever for these, but they are cute and will be fun to paint!

I picked these rules up for pulp gaming:

Pre-order of Old glory 15 Koreans from Timecast. When I opened the package on getting home I found that 5 of the 8 packs were incorrect. I quickly spotted what must have happened - they'd accidentally picked Ming packs instead of the Koreans. I've sent them an email to try to get things sorted out.

The 5 incorrect packs

The 3 correct packs
From Essex - some reinforcements for my Seven Years War Russians. Enough for 2 regiments of musketeers, 2 of grenadiers, 2 cuirassiers, 2 hussars, 2 Cossacks,  2 more artillery pieces (plus limbers) and some more commanders:

From GZG:

Various accessories

NSL power armour reinforcements

Hover tanks, heavy APC and fan van

One each of the new merchant ships. The one on the right isn't released yet, but Jon knew I'd want it so he had brought one to the show for me.

On top of these, I also came away with some freebies.

Ashley (Paint It Pink) had won these in a prize draw, but as she doesn't do 15mm now she gave them to me as a birthday gift. That was very nice of her - thank you m'dear! :)

Some UNSC Light Infantry

Some grav vehicles

Four 25mm power armour troops. I'll need to check the GZG site to find out which ones they are.
At the meet-up Loki was handing out some figures to people who'd taken part in the 2013/14 Analogue Painting Challenge. Kawe (Westfalia Miniatures) had done a limited edition run of this figure and donated one for each Challenge participant. The figure is of the Empress Maria Theresia.

As a thank you for helping out with his Agincourt game, Damian from Donnington Miniatures gave each of us a packet of the new Hundred Years War casualties. I got a French pack.

That was certainly a lot of loot to haul back home. I'm glad that I'd invested in a backpack that converts to a trolley-case as I'd have had difficulty carting it home otherwise.

Salute 2015 - Post 2: Pics of Games

I didn't take as many pics of as many games this year, but here you go with what I did take.

This evening I'll be doing my loot post. TTFN