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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Colours 2016 - The Lootz

Yes, it's the swagbag post from yesterday's trip to Colours. I did go with some purchases in mind, some potential purchases and enough money for any unintended ones.

The full haul

An unplanned purchase

The book was unplanned as were the average dice; the steel bases and the resin cargo bits were planned

The Pulp Figures pack was unintended; the GZG stuff next to it was a "see how they look" plan
 The GZG stuff - 2 packs each of the two new NSL codes (Jaegers) and the two new ESU Naval Infantry codes. They also had a new pack each for the OutRim Coalition and the Islamic Federation - I didn't buy those though. Mr Tuffley is going to be expanding all those ranges over the next few months it seems.

Bit of a SNAFU with these Essex cavalry...
The SNAFU was that I aksed for 4 packs of PNR23 and 3 of PNR24 which were Napoleonic Cossacks (to add some variety to my SYW ones - their costume and equipment hadn't changed much). When I unpacked my bag on getting home I discovered that they'd mistakenly given me PNB23 and PNB24 - Napoleonic British Hussars. So, I'm going to have to sort out exchanging them.

Static grass and a Flock Box from Warpainter

Who is the evil criminal genius of Salutesville?*
 *Postie, obviously!

Contents of the Flock Box package
The Flock Box wasn't a planned purchase as I hadn't realised that the company who produces them was going to be there. I had previously seen a number of reviews and was considering buying one, but wanted to see it for myself before doing so. My luck was in (although my wallet's luck wasn't, although for £35 it wasn't that drastic). That included a bottle of "tackifier" glue for making tufts, although that was a special deal at the show.

This morning I went out to get some batteries and some silicone paper to test it out. It turns out that the greaseproof paper I bought wasn't the siliconised variety. However, I'd also bought some parchment paper with and without foil backing. They were siliconised and seemed to work well, especially the foil-backed one. Why do you need siliconised paper? For making tufts of course - the silicone allows you to peel them off for sticking onto bases. I also tried it with PVA on a figure base - it worked very well for that too.

Now I just need to buy myself a plastic-handled metal sieve and I'll be all set to mass produce tufts for myself.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Colours 2016 - The Games (Loads of Pics!)

This morning I got up early to head down to Newbury Racecourse to attend Colours. I haven't been for a few years for a number of reasons, so it was about time. Because I'd got up so early, I was actually there before doors opened. Luckily, the organisers had the good sense to walk along the queue taking entrance money to speed up the flow when the doors opened.

As soon as they let us in, I headed straight up to the first floor to the GZG stand as the Evil Mr Tuffley ("He who pitilessly produces new shinies to extract money from poor gamers") had announced new shinies that I simply had to buy - stocks would of course be limited so it was a case of get in quick before they all go.

Once that little bit of spending was done, I popped up to the second floor where all* the games were located to take pics before it got crowded (and before my bag got too heavy for me to easily take photos. But enough blather - pics of the games:

Battle for Balooistan (Wargames Association of Reading; Black Ops)

Battle for Kyoto (Solent Wagames Club; Sharpe Practice)

Fishguard 1794 (Tring Wargames Club)

Siege of Portsmouth 1642 (Solent Wargames Club) - 2mm siege campaign game

Battle of Cedar Mountain (Loughton Strike Force?; "Picket's Charge" rules - available soon)

Battle of Halfway (Southbourne Tabletop & Boardgamers; Space Vixens From Mars)

I was too early - no ships on the table!
Russo-Finnish War (Loughton Strike Force)

Rivet Wars (Braintree Wargames Group)

Caught at Kut (Adrian Shepherd and Friends)

Franco-Prussian War (Oxford Wargames Club; 6mm)

28mm Ancients (not listed; Warlord rules)

Heroes of Normandie (Diceni Demo Team)

Operation Monster (Abingdon Wargames Club)

Frostgrave (Maidstone & District Gamers)

Dvina River, RCW (Naval Wargames Society) - see David Manley's blog for more info

Courage Behind Enemy Lines (Petersfield Black Hole Wargamers)

This was an interesting participation game for six players who each got a single character - a commando or a spy. I played in one game and had the spy. Our group managed to achieve six of our eight objectives, although one of our commandos did get killed. I achieved my character's objective in the second turn - acquire the uniform of a senior German officer - I managed to sneak up behind him, stun him with poison, tie him up and take the uniform with my 4 actions all whilst remaining hidden. I also managed to heal one of the commandos - sadly he undid my good work and got himself shot again.

Reno's Attack on the Little Big Horn (Liverpool War Games Association; 10mm)

Blurry pic - the 7th Cavalry must have been charging too fast for my camera!

Pandeminion (Reading Independent Wargamers)

Tankette - early WW2 (Huntingdon & District Wargames Society; 1:35 scale)

Dux Bellorum (Steve Deeprose)

Brotherhoods of Mars (South London Warlords; Warhammer 40K)

Mau Mau Uprising (Skirmish Wargames Collective; 54mm?)

Battle Over the Trenches (Wings of Glory Aerodrome)

2nd Coronea (Society of Ancients)

Achtung Gringo! (Crush The Kaiser Wargaming)

Operation Overlord (Crawley Wargames Club)

The tournament area (Guildball, Imperial Assault, Bolt Action)

Phew! That's a lot of pics! Once I'd taken those I did some shopping, had lunch (chatting with an Australian who hadn't been to a UK show before), played in the commando game, did some more shopping, looked back in on a few of the games, did some final shopping then headed home.

I'll do a lootz post tomorrow.