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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Finished - 28mm WW2 Aussie Independent Company #2

And they're finished! I decided to do the first two steps on the bases last night (painting and washing) rather than working on the NGVR section. This morning I drybrushed the bases, matte varnished them and then added tufts.

Senior and Junior Leaders


SMGs, Bren, Sniper and Signaler


I think he'll make a rather nice "jump off point" for Chain of Command.

I also finished the re-basing on the previous senior leaders:

After doing the dry-brushing and airbrushing, I headed into town to do a bit of shopping. This is what I brought home:

The brushes (Winsor & Newton Series 7 sizes 2 and 0) were from London Graphic Centre. I was after a couple of size 1s as well, but they are out of stock. It appears that there is a nationwide shortage of those at the moment, but they should (hopefully) be back in stock soon.

The rest are from Dark Sphere (I had two £25 vouchers from my leaving gifts to spend). The 8th Army are going to be for Kokoda Trail militia. I also picked up a pack of Aussie scouts. They didn't have all the paints I was after, so I placed an order for those from SnM Stuff when I got home. I also placed an order with Warlord games for some 8th Army command and support weapons, two more Matildas and a couple more Stronty Dog packs.

This afternoon and evening I've been finishing the highlights and washes on the NGVR. I took a couple of pics before giving them a Klear coat:

I think they've come out quite nicely. I decided to go for a fairly pale colour for the khaki drill uniforms. I'll leave the basing until the Papuans are finished - I'll start work on them tomorrow.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Tuesday Workbench 30 October

As you can see, there's plenty on my workbench at the moment. I finished painting the second batch of commandos yesterday, including the final washes and Klear coat.

As I still had several hours spare, I decided to make a start on the next set of figures, which will be a section of New Guinea Volunteer Rifles. I actually managed to get all the base colours down before going to bed. This morning I did the initial washes, and this afternoon I've been highlighting them. They're not quite finished - I've still got the uniforms and khaki to do, plus the metals. I might be able to get those done later tonight. This is how they look at the moment:

New Guinea Volunteer Rifles

I also spent a while this morning (while the washes on the NGVR were drying) to do the basing gunk on the commandos. And on the seven "senior leaders" which I'd rebased from 30mm to 25mm hexes.


Rebased senior leaders

As the NGVR should be finished and Klear coated by lunchtime tomorrow, I've got two choices:

1. Finish the basing on the commandos and rebased senior leaders

2. Start painting the Papuan section.

Tune in tomorrow to see which option I, errr, opt for.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sunday Workbench 28 October

It's been a busy weekend on the painting front. I got all the base colours and initial washes done on the Aussie commandos yesterday, then today started work on the first smaller batch. I've powered through and managed to get all the highlights and final washes done:

I'll be giving them a coat of Klear once the last wash has fully dried.

Tomorrow I'll start work on highlighting the remaining eight figures:

As I've got other things to be doing, I probably won't finish them until Tuesday.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Friday Workbench 26 October

I was planning to relax a bit today, but I've been a busy bee instead.

I decided to paint up the latex track sections I'd bought at SELWG. A lot of mess later and they're done:


I might go back and do some more work on the water of the ford section to make it fit with the river sections I painted a couple of years back. Or maybe repaint those sections to match the ford as I think the green-brown looks better than the originals.

This is how the water looks on the original scheme:

I've also started work on the Aussie commandos (and a casualty - who will become a jump-off point marker):

I'm going to do the base colours and initial washes on the whole batch, but will break them down into smaller groups for the highlighting. I should be able to get them mostly finished this weekend.

These will be the last of the "jungle green" troops. I've got ten more Papuans and ten of Warlord's "Militia" to paint. The "Militia" will become New Guinea Volunteer Rifles.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Finished: 28mm WW2 Aussie Jungle Fighters #8

It was a bit of a push, but I did manage to get the two batches of Aussies based, varnished and tufted in time to post today. And here they are:

Tommy Guns

These are all Wargames Foundry "Chindit" figures.

Owen Guns

These are all Eureka figures.


These are all Eureka figures.

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

This team is from Warlord Games.

I've done a count up of all the figures painted so far and I've actually got enough to field two platoons plus supports. With the figures I still have left to paint, I'll be able to field a 20-man commando section plus supports, and an under-strength Papuan platoon. I'm tempted to buy a couple more Matildas so that I can field an armoured troop as well for "Big CoC" games.