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Monday, 2 January 2012

some more pics - 6mm ACW

...and some more pics, this time of my 6mm ACW figures (the handful I've actually painted). I'd never painted 6mm before, and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was - you just need to remember that you don't need to paint every detail and not to thin paint for belts, cross-straps etc too much (or it will flow onto other areas).

Figures are from Baccus 6mm

Once my 15mm Sarmatians are finished, I'll have to get on with painting up the rest of these.


  1. Very nice, a mate of mine gave me a load of painted 6mm a while ago......

  2. Nice one.
    You´re braver than me..I tried 6mm but ended up with a headache :-D

  3. Thanks guys! I think it was November when these got painted and based - made the big mistake of trying to do all 10 at once, which resulted in a certain amount of boredom and sloppiness towards the end of each colour. When I do the rest of the armies, I'll stick to 2-4 bases worth at a time

  4. Baccas are very nice, much better than Irregular. I am just starting out with FoG so it will be interesting following where you are going with it

  5. Hi Ian,
    I've only got experience with Baccus so don't know how they compare against Irregular 6mm.

    FoG does take some getting used to. The main thing is learning how the Points of Advantage work and how many dice to use for shooting, impact and melee

    I'm "following" you now, so we can look forward to watching each others' progress

  6. You had done a great painting job in 6mm.

  7. What rules are you planning to use for ACW?

    I have about 100 x 15mm painted infantry bases for both sides + cavalry and artillery and would like to do some ACW gaming when I've finished my FoG tournament games.

    1. For the 6mm I was going to give the Polemos rules a go, if I ever get the rest painted up. The only non-Ironclads ACW I've played was a multi-player 15mm Fire & Fury game, which seems to be the rules that some folks at CLWC play


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