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Monday, 28 August 2017

15mm SYW Russian Casualty Markers

I said I'd finish them today and so I did. As I expect them to get slightly rough treatment, I gave them a coat of Klear/ink to shade and protect them, then an extra coat of Klear (no ink) for additional protection. Once that had dried I airbrushed on a coat of matt varnish then flocked the bases.


You will have observed that I didn't bother to paint the white cuffs. Well, as they're only casualty markers I didn't feel any great need to do so.

Once those were all done and photographed, I decided to do a quick test. A few weeks ago while I was browsing in the pound shop I spotted something rather cool on the HotWheels racks - some Star Wars bits. Among the fighters (which look to be X-Wing scale...) and some 15mm-ish scale speeders there were a bunch of First Order Star Destroyers. Hmmm, £1 for a Full Thrust scale Star Destroyer? I grabbed all five they had out on display.

However, the paint job looked rather plain so I though about how to bring out all the relief detail. I'd been meaning for a while to try out oil washes and this provided the perfect excuse. So, I bought a tube of water-mixable Paynes Grey oil paint.

Today i finally got around to doing the trial. I got a bit of paint from the tube onto my brush and then mixed in some water until I was happy with the consistency. I then slathered it over one of the ships, left it for a short while and then started wiping off the excess from the surfaces with a damp paper towel.

Here are the results:

Top side

I'll probably do another wipe-over, but it has definitely brought out the details quite nicely. I'm not sure whether to do a white dry-brush once the oil wash has dried.

Yes, five Star Destroyers

Paint bottle for scale - the ships is just over 10cm long
Now, does anybody know where I can get a load of suitably scaled TIE fighters from?

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sunday Workbench 27 August

I've had quite a productive afternoon and early evening today. I started off by doing some satin and gloss varnish detailing on the pulp merchant seamen I painted a few months back. And then I started something new - 51 casualty markers for my SYW Russians. Not that I envisage seeing me need 51 markers, but that's how many were in the pack. I've almost got them finished - just metals, whites, varnishing and flocking to do. I should finish them tomorrow.

Anyway, piccy time:

34 have been painted as infantry, 12 as dragoons/horse grenadiers and 5 as cuirassiers.

After these my plan is to paint up either the dragoons or the combined grenadiers.

On Monday my Koreans had another outing in the club tournament, this time against an almost-historical opponent - early Muromachi era Samurai. I need to sort through the pics and write up the AAR. I did have a game against a third Ottoman invading army the week before but forgot to take pics. That game was another close loss.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Finished: 15mm Korean Artillery

And they're done. I took them into work today to spray them with matt varnish during my lunch break, then flocked them this evening.

And pics:

Regimental Gun Markers

Obviously one of them needs a little touching up. Not sure how that happened.

Medium and Heavy Guns

I haven't decided yet what to paint next. I might go for some more 15mm SYW Russians - there's a big game at the club on the August bank holiday Monday and I have figures primed for the final dragoon regiment and two regiments of combined grenadiers.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Proof of Life

Errmmm, yes, well...

So, my re-emergence onto the blogosphere back in June proved to be very short-lived. Well, I'm back now and hopefully I won't disappear again. Let's just put it down to me getting sidetracked by DVD box-sets, playing some wargames at the club  and not having any mini painting to show off.

At the club, we're now into phase 2 of our ADLG competition - anything AD (or CE if you prefer) so long as it doesn't have heavy knights. I've opted for the Yi Korean list as it gives me a chance to get those yous out on the table. Unlike the FoG lists, the Korean foot is in separate bow/crossbow and melee weapon units, the latter being "mediocre pikemen" rather than medium foot heavy weapon. I might have to order a few more packs of Korean infantry to represent them properly (12 figures on a 40x40mm base) but for now I'm just using two bases of medium foot (6 figures!) for each element.

I've played three games so far - the first two were against Ottomans and were fairly close losses. My third game was against Teutonic knights and was a close win. I've got pics of the two Ottoman games and will post AARs this week (hopefully) but I forgot my camera for on Thursday so no write-up of that game. I've got another game on Monday and Thursday, against more Ottomans and then Ghaznavids - I will remember to pack my camera for those.

I have been doing a little bit of painting this weekend, some additions to my Koreans. They're almost done now - I just need to ink wash and drybrush the bases, matt varnish them and add some static grass. Here's a WIP pic to keep you going:

Yes, some medium and heavy artillery, some light pieces as "regimental gun" markers for FoGR and two spare cannons. The artillery crews and light pieces are Grumpys (ordered from Eureka and picked up at Salute); the heavier pieces are (I think) Blue Moon and were excess from my Buccaneers project.