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Sunday, 17 June 2018

(Not Quite) Finished 28mm: 28mm Aussie Jungle Fighters #4

And another batch are finished. If I hadn't added so many extra figures since I started I'd be almost finished. However, with all of the additional figures I've purchased (speaking of which, the figures I ordered from Wartime Miniatures arrived on Thursday - a week to ship in from Australia) I've got a few more batches to paint up.

But on with the pics of the batch I've just (not quite) finished.

3" Mortar Team

Junior Leaders

I was originally planning to have junior leaders (corporals) mounted on 25mm round bases and mark them somehow to make them easily identifiable, but realised that might be a bit tricky. Instead I have decided to mount them on 25mm square bases. Of course, being about halfway through it means that a lot of the SMG toting figures are already on 25mm round bases so some of my corporals will have rifles instead.


This weekend I've done a bunch of priming - the Militia figures and all the Wartime Miniatures figures.

I've also made a good start on the next batch of figures:

Just a couple more basecoats to do before a thinned Strong Tone wash and they'll be ready for highlighting. I should get them to that point tonight.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wednesday Workbench 13 June

I've made good progress with the next batch of Aussies over the past couple of evenings and I'm close to finishing the painting - just the webbing, helmets, mortar and metal left to highlight; glaze on the flesh and strong tone wash over the rest. Then a quick Klear coat, and do the basing.

The Militia figures have been prepped and glued onto bases, ready for priming. There's another figure with them - it was meant to be part of the batch I'm working on right now, but when I started doing the flesh I found a big lump of flash that I'd missed, so I got rid of that then stripped the primer and will now need to re-prime it.

You might recall that I bought a Stuart tank at Broadside on Sunday. The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that it was an M5A1. Which the Aussies didn't use - theirs were all M3s. Of course, I realised my mistake while I was prepping it. Hmmm. Maybe it can go with some US Marines?

Monday, 11 June 2018

(Not Quite) Finished - 28mm WW2 Aussie Jungle Fighters #3

And another batch finished. I had added the basing texture before going down to Broadside yesterday then painted and dry-brushed the bases when I got home and hit them with matt varnish spray. But waited until today to post the pics.

2" Light Mortar Team

Forward Observer/Senior Leader


I've started on the next batch - I should finish them before next weekend.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

I've Been To: Broadside 2018

It's a couple of years since I last popped down to Sittingbourne for Broadside, so it was about time I paid another visit. There were also a couple of things I wanted to buy from traders who'd be there which would save me some postage.

I got there just before 11am and after a quick chat with Clint did a tour of the game tables to take pics, stopping for a chat with a few people along the way. And then I did a tour of the traders.

Pics of games:

Echidna Games - Laserblade


Emotionally 14 - Heroclix

Uncon Tabletop Convention - various boardgames

Spanish Skies - SCW Air Combat

Spanish Skies - SCW Air Combat

Da Gobbo Grotto - chariot racing

Maidstone Wargames Sociery - Raid on Zeebrugge

Medway Games Society - Star Wars Legion
Skirmish Wargames - By Crom!

Deal Wargames Society - "The Grass Is Always Greener"

The horror! The horror!

Postie's Rejects - Marchais-en-Brie 1914

The horrors! The horrors!

Gravesend Gamers Guild - The Walking Lego

Gangs of Rome

Paranoid Games - Mythos


Friday Night Fire Fight Club - Reign Of Fire

Shepway Wargames Club - Battle of Bure, January 1945

SEEMS - Surprise at Lanchlon II (Battlefleet Gothic)
It appears that I didn't take pics of the game from Milton Hundreds Wargames Club and possibly the one from Valhalla Wargames Society (unless that's the one captioned "?????") - I must have been distracted. Possibly by some of Clint's fudge.

I ended up leaving just after 1pm, having seen all the games, bought all the things and talked to all the people (OK, some of the things, some of the people).

Which means it must be time for the loot pics:

20mm bulding(s) from Blotz for Gaslands

Nice price markdown from PE2 Collectables

Decals for Gaslands

Leopard 2A5 against a Hotwheels for size - I think it'll work for Gaslands!
The savings I made on postage and on those Bolt Action bits more than covered the cost of my train fare down to Kent, so I'm a happy bunny.

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