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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Wednesday Workbench 18 May 2022


As you can see, I've made a start on priming the walkways. Once everything has had an initial black layer, I will dry-fit the various bits and do the zenithal priming. I'll probably reach that stage on Saturday.

As you know, I've been rather distracted of late. That should all be over now, at least until the next distraction comes along, thanks to the arrival today of this:

Just a teaser for today; I should have a full post about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Finished: Mega City One Buildings (and some other bits)


I finished painting these last night, but waited until today for photography so that I could make use of the lovely daylight that was forecast. Luckily, the forecast was good!

That's enough of the scene-setting, onto some glamour shots!

Pre-Fab Beta

Pre-Fab Alpha

The extra complete ground floor:

The extra ground floor with doors from Blotz:

Extra cantilever and two bridges:

Large Crates

Street Lamps

Five new ones:

Four originals, now with acrylic lamps:

Original and new, side-by-side:

Having been a little disappointed by how the OSL effect turned out on the originals, I decided to try applying it after airbrushing a thin layer of white. I think it turned out much better.

Tomorrow I will start priming the extra walkways. Having learnt my lesson, I'll be doing them as sub-assemblies.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Paint Table Sunday 15 May 2022


I got distracted again. As a result, I ended up not doing any painting on Friday and Saturday. I was still a bit distracted today, but managed to get the block colours laid down on the buildings.

Tomorrow I'll begin the detailing work. Allowing for further distractions, I'll guess at finishing them on Tuesday!

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Wednesday Workbench 11 May 2022


I've been making steady progress with painting the terrain. Currently on the table are the roof pieces which need metallic details to be painted. I'll be doing that tomorrow.

Over the last few days I've got this lot finished:

I just need to add the acrylic "lamps" to the streetlights.

Once the roof pieces are done, I'll be working on the buildings. I might just get them finished by Friday night, but suspect that Saturday is more likely.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Paint Table Saturday 07 May


I know, I know - I didn't do my usual "Wednesday Workbench" post this week. Well, I did write it, but forgot to publish it. I think my brain had clicked into AHPC-mode and I saved it instead.

What you would have seen on Wednesday was this set of photos:

Six road tiles

One road tile and six "plaza" tiles

Everything packed away

Yes, the tiles from Multiverse Gaming got finished. The road markings were done using the card stencils that came with the bundle; I used white and yellow craft paint applied with a stippling brush.

Repeating the opening photo:

I finished the initial airbrush stages this afternoon. Now I've just got to do all of the detailing - I suspect that might take most of the next week given my current tendency towards procrastination and distraction.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Paint Table Saturday 30 April 2022


Although the paints I'd ordered arrived yesterday, I decided to spend today priming some of the new stuff. I still need to do a zenithal prime on the interior walls, but ran out of time today so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I've got a few more bits to prime after that's done, and then I can finish off the street tiles.

If all goes well, I should have all the airbrushing steps finished by Monday evening. Unless there are any hitches, I should get all of the detailing done by Thursday.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Wednesday Workbench 27 April 2022


I was making good progress on the tiles, but then I ran out of one of the paints on Monday. I've ordered some more, but work has temporarily stopped on that project.

Luckily, that afternoon I received some MDF goodies from TT Combat:

Six of those are new orders. The other two are replacements for the two that I'd had problems with - they very generously sent me full kits rather than just the sprues.

To make use of the down-time on the tiles project, I decided to de-sprue the kits and start assembling them. Here is everything that has been assembled so far (including the ones I'd assembled a week or two ago):

PreFeb Beta

PreFab Alpha

Having been sent a complete kit, I was able to assemble a standard ground floor piece:

...and also a two-door ground floor piece (using some doors from Blotz):

Cantilevers, bridges and connectors:


I bought this one to see whether it would work with the PreFab units. The "roof" is the same height and width, so it should work with them for layouts. They also do Tri-Building kits - I might get some of those (and more Tri-Walkways) at some point.

I've de-sprued the other kits as well, but won't assemble them until the buildings have been painted:

Large Crates and Streetlights

I only de-sprued enough parts to make up five streetlights as I only have nine acrylic "lamps", four of which I need to the original kits.


There are three kits' worth of parts in the photo above!

The parts which haven't been assembled yet have also not had the "tags" sanded. I should be doing that tomorrow (hence the bundle of emery board nail files in the top photo).