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Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Other Partizan 2019 - My Day and Loot

Having arisen at an ungodly hour this morning, I headed down to Kings Cross station to catch the first train of the day to Newark. This was to attend "The Other Partizan". I arrived at the showground at about 10:45, paid my entrance fee and proceeded to enjoy my day out.

I started with a quick tour to see what was what before getting my camera out to take photos of games which caught my interest. There are quite a few photos so I will do another post tomorrow.

I had time to chat with several people during the day - Rich Clarke (Too Fat Lardies), Graham Cummings (Crann Tara Miniatures - not there as a trader or with a game), Peter Berry (Baccus 6mm), Henry Hyde (Battlegames), Mike Whitaker, Simon "To The Strongest" Miller, Jerry Jenkins (another CLWC member who had made the trip up - it turned out that we'd been on the same train and taken to the showground by the same cab driver), Harry Sidebottom and Stuart (Colonel Bill's).

In the afternoon I got (very willingly) press-ganged into a game of  To The Strongest by Simon. It was the Mancetter game seen at Salute earlier this year. My opponent was a young chap named Adam who was playing his second ever wargame; I had Boudicca's revolting Britons, Adam had the Romans. it was a fun game and it looked for a while that I might manage to breakthrough the Roman lines, but this was not to be.

In between taking photos and playing To the Strongest, I managed to do some shopping (including collecting a couple of pre-orders). I didn't manage to buy everything on my list, but there is always Colours in a few weeks time.

On with the loot pics:

The Warlord Games stuff is for my Arnhem project (I've previously bought a box each of Waffen SS and late war Grenadiers).

Pre-order of CoC bits from Too Fat Lardies; free show figure (Karl Marx with gun); Foundry Para support weapons - mainly for the extra Bren teams

Pre-order from North Star of Artizan and Crusader packs for my Paras

Some big timber wolves from Old Glory for my Dragon Rampant wolf pack

Bases and CoC bits from Warbases; some paints from HLBSCo

Finally a gift from Graham - a resin 3D print of an airborne command/radio jeep.

This was actually scaled up to 1:56 from a 1:200 file. Apart from the steering wheel, the detail is great.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Finished: 15mm Seven Years War Russian Infantry

And so the final nine line infantry regiments roll off the paint table and into the box files. It's been a long haul, but I have now painted every Russian regiment which fought in the Seven Years War (apart from Suvalov's Observation Corps). The only additions I might make in future are more Cossacks, some converged grenadiers, more artillery and the Observation Corps.

Here are some pics of the individual regiments.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Zorndorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf and Zorndorf.


This regiment fought at Zorndorf and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Plazig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Palzig and Kunersdorf.

All figures are 15mm from Essex Miniatures.

The army, as it stands, now fills at least four box files (I actually have the figures in five boxes, so there is space for the units which I might add in future.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Tuesday Update 13 August

Well, blow me down with a feather! I seem to be ahead of expectations.

Yesterday saw me finish the basecoats, touch-ups and highlights on the final two regiments and give them a coat of matt varnish.

That allowed me to glue them onto their bases this morning:

This afternoon I "gunked" the bases of all the regiments:

By tomorrow morning the gunk will have fully cured and I'll be able to dry-brush and flock them. Once that's done, I'll be able to add labels to the underside of the bases.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Sunday Workbench 11 August

As you can see, I finished painting the penultimate pair of regiments yesterday and got them glued onto bases this morning.

I've also made very good progress on the final two regiments. I should get the basecoats finished and most of the highlights done tomorrow, which means they should be finished on Tuesday.

Wednesday should see me adding basing gunk to all nine regiments, with dry-brushing and flocking to be done on Thursday. Unless things go badly wrong...

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Thursday Update 08 August

I've made good progress since Tuesday's post. As well as finishing the big Arnhem book I was reading, I have been working on the musketeers for two of the remaining four regiments. All the base colours are done and they just need touch-ups and highlights which I should be able to get done tomorrow. This pose is actually much easier to paint neatly than the other one. Things are looking good for me getting them all done in plenty of time for the Kunersdorf game.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Tuesday Workbench 06 August

"If all goes well, I should have all the figures painted within a fortnight"

Ahhh, those famous last words. It's now a fortnight since my last post, so have I managed to paint all of the SYW Russians?

No, but I have made good progress. That's five of the nine regiments painted, leaving four still to do. The slow progress has been down to a couple of factors - the mini heatwave we had two weeks ago left me struggling with fatigue for a few days and I have been wading through treacle reading a(nother) book on Arnhem. I've also been doing a little bit of internet research for a blog post which should appear here in a day or two.

Here are some closer-up pics of the painted figures:

I've got just over two weeks until seven of the nine regiments will be needed for the club's Kunersdorf refight. I should be able to get them finished (including basing) by then.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tuesday Workbench 23 July

And they're almost done - just the central designs to paint on the flags left to do, which I should be able to knock out tomorrow morning. After that it will be varnishing time before I make a start on painting some rear-rank troops to go on their bases. Which just leaves the rest of the infantry for the flanking bases. If all goes well, I should have all the figures painted within a fortnight when I can look forward to a mass basing session.