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Friday, 27 January 2012

WIP: Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #01

I managed to make a pretty good start on the "Other Cavalry" this evening - all 48 horses have received their basecoat and their washes. At this point, I must admit that some look better than others - hopefully the end stage washes will bring them together more. Manes, tails, markings and horse-tack are on the cards for tomorrow.

I did remember to take some pics as I was going this evening, so here they are:

Top pic: Mahogany Brown basecoat
Bottom Pic: same horses with Black, Earth Brown and Rust ink washes*

*washes made up using the Les Burley recipe:
Wash Base = 50% fluid matte medium, 5% flow aid, water;
Washes = 20+ drops acrylic ink in 10 ml Wash Base

Top pic: Cork Brown basecoat
Bottom pic: same horses with flesh-mix, Earth Brown and Rust ink washes

Top pic: Ivory basecoat
Bottom pic: same horses with Warm Grey ink wash (you can actually see the difference in RL!!)

Top pic: Light Grey basecoat
Bottom pic: same horses with Black ink wash

Top pic: Tan Yellow basecoat
Bottom pic: as above with ink washes: A = Rust; B = Golden Sand**; C = flesh-mix; D = Earth Brown

**I really don't think this one worked - I'll probably go over these with the other 3 washes.if I still don't like the effect in a couple of days time.

Given how much I'd been dreading the prospect of painting horses, I am pleased to report that they aren't nearly as bad to do as I'd been led to believe. That may well be due to the method I'm using, nicked from Simon MacDowall's website.


  1. Replies
    1. The earth brown ink wash has definitely worked well on all the base colours it was used on. Rust worked well on the mahogany, but seems a bit orangey on the cork brown and tan yellow, although that seems to be where it's pooled in recesses. The flesh-mix wash doesn't look too bad; the black has done a great job for the blacks and greys.

  2. very interseting set of pictures Tamsin. They gave me some indeas, though I'll still put at least 2-3 layers of paint+ wash on my horses ;) I might be a bit crazy.