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Friday, 6 January 2012

The first Sarmatians off the painting line!

Well, I managed to get a bit further along than expected with the first battle group of Sarmatian lancers - they're based and the ground texture has been drybrushed. Tomorrow they'll get a quick coat of PVA over the texture and have some small rocks and tufts of flock/foliage added before getting a spray of matt varnish.

And here are some pics:

They've come out quite well, but I'm not happy with a few of the colours (the red and magenta are too bright and the pastel blue and green are just, well, a bit bleugh) so those are being dropped and some other colours added to the mix for the rest of the army.

This pic shows the ingredients for my basing mix:

Left to Right: Earth Brown ink, PVA glue, ink mix, Reeves Coarse Texture Gel, Golden Sand ink. the ink mix in the dropper bottle is 3 parts Golden Sand to 1 part Earth Brown.

What's that? You can see some buildings in the background? OK, here you go:

These are from The Scene and are the ones I painted up the other night. I've got some silver and tinted PVC sheets which I'll use to make window panes. then I'll just have to get some suitable doors and fittings (a/c units and such like) to finish them off.


  1. Effective painting, Tam. Good job, and I'm waiting for the rest.

  2. When it comes to texture, I mix filler eg Polyfilla with my acrylic paint. Not only does it give you texture, but it also imparts a matt finish. Just a thought.