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Sunday, 8 January 2012

500 page views, Sarmatians WIP, my work table

My blog's been up just 8 days now and has had over 500 page views in that time. Yay for me! :)

Got a bit more done on the Sarmatians - trousers, boots, bow case & quiver, scabbards, reins. Progress was slow because my left arm has gone somewhat peculiar. This has been going on for a few days, but hasn't interfered with painting and such-like until this weekend. Off to the docs for me tomorrow :(

I won't be doing any painting tomorrow - first trip ofthe year to CLWC for me. I have a couple of games of Tomorrow's War lined up and will try to get some pics and do AARs tomorrow or on Tuesday.

No point taking another photo of the unfinished Sarmatians, so here's a pic of my work table:

Clockwise L to R around the outside:
2 Really Useful drawer units containing (most of) my lead pile; a multi-tray stack containing some bits and my now-abandoned Revell acrylic paints; behind the PVA is a small drawer unit contining small tools, glues and craft sticks; sorter tray with various odds and sods for painting and figure assembly - behind the paintbrush stand are Zap-A-Gap and a couple of 100ml bottles of wash-mix, on top are some more craft sticks and my disposable palettes (the used blisters from my vitamin D/calcium supplements) ; another sorter box with my Vallejo acrylics, dropper bottles of washes etc

Foreground L to R: the Sarmatians, armoured lancers on front board, "other cavalry" on rear board; my painting surface - a sheet of 3mm acrylic; a small sorter box with the paints I'm using for the Sarmatians.


  1. Bloody hell, you're organized O_o I've never seen a work table so well-kept.

    And congrats on your first 500s

  2. psst- that's the only organised part of my flat!! ;)

  3. Far too neat for me, you need top splash a little red up the wall, maybe some purple too!! Nice one!!! Keep it coming!

  4. Again what a well organised painting area - mine looks as if a bomb has gone off !.

  5. @Ray - are you perchance referring to the test patches I did a couple of years ago when I was thinking about repainting my living room? ;)

    @Mosstrooper - like I said before, it's about the only well organised space in my flat