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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Finished: 15mm Ancient Germans


I should say "Finished For Now" - I still need to order and paint a few leader figures for "Infamy, Infamy!" and will need to add some more bases of infantry to make a full army for Art de la Guerre.

Light Foot for AdlG:

Skirmishers for Infamy, Infamy!:

Warriors for Infamy, Infamy!/Heavy Foot for AdlG:

There are three bases with horn-blowers that will be elite oathsworn warriors for Infamy, Infamy:

Rear rank two-figure bases for Infamy, Infamy!:

(Not quite) Naked Fanatics:

Foot Cavalry Bases for Infamy, Infamy!:

Cavalry (for both!):

Light Cavalry for AdlG:

Command Stands for AdlG:

And the figures in their storage box:

I will need to order some more figures from Lancashire Games at some point to make up a few extra heavy foot and a load of medium foot bases for AdlG; I might also order some extra javelin/spear figures to make some "levy" bases for Infamy, Infamy!.

I haven't decided what to paint next. I do have a few 28mm figures ready to go for my Judge Dredd collection, and I should probably get the Romans glued onto painting sticks ready for priming.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Paint Table Sat.. Errr...Sunday 27 September

 I didn't post during the week as there wasn't anything really worth showing. I could have posted yesterday, but as I knew I would have more to show today I decided to wait.

I finished painting the ancient German cavalry figures yesterday and this morning I varnished them and popped them off their painting sticks:

This afternoon I sorted out all of the figures (foot and mounted) and glued them onto bases:

I may have mentioned before that I will be using these for both "Infamy, Infamy!" and Art de la Guerre, which is why you will notice some odd basing. 

For "Infamy, Infamy!" the Germans have an option of "foot cavalry" where a unit of foot warriors can move with a unit of cavalry before deploying to fight. To represent those I have done some bases with one mounted and four foot figures to replace the rear rank of a cavalry unit until the foot warriors deploy.

For the foot warriors I have done eight 40mm x 30mm bases with eight figures each. They can be used for Heavy Foot in AdlG; for "Infamy, Infamy!" barbarian warrior groups are meant to be ten figures, so I have done an equal number of 40mm x 20mm bases with two figures each to put behind them and added dice cells to record casualties and fervour/shock:

I've used the command figures (and some spare foot figures) to make up a set of four command stands for AdlG. I'll be buying some individual figures from Donnington to use as leaders for "Infamy, Infamy!" - they will be mounted on individual bases.

Over the next couple of days I will be finishing the basing on these.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Paint Table Saturday 19 September

With things seemingly going so well with painting my ancient Germans, it should have been obvious that something would happen along to mess things up. And it did. The day after my last post I went down with a cold. That cleared within a couple of days but it did trigger a bout of my chronic fatigue which meant that once I had done essential things like shopping, washing up, cleaning, etc, I didn't have any energy left for painting. 

It did, however, allow me to watch this year's Tour de France and the last week has been one of the most interesting I can remember for several years, particularly today's individual time trial - congratulations to Tadez Pogaca who rode a blistering race to win the stage and add the Polka Dot (King of the Mountains) and Yellow (overall leader) jerseys to the White (best young rider) jersey, coming back from 57 seconds down in 2nd place overall to a lead of about a minute over his older compatriot, Primoz Roglic. Oh, and he will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on Monday!

But that's enough of a digression, you want to read about my painting exploits. Over the past couple of days I have been getting back into the swing of painting and have now finished painting all of the infantry and popped them off their sticks:

That leaves me with all of these to paint:

I will be making a start on these tomorrow:

There are eight slingers and twenty figures for command stands (leaders, standards and horn blowers).  If everything goes OK, I should finish painting them on Monday and I can then work on the cavalry for the rest of the week.

ps - I hate the new interface for writing blog posts.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Wednesday Workbench 02 September

After finishing the marsh terrain I decided to take the weekend off to recharge a little. On Monday I started work on my 15mm ancient Germans. In the photo below you can see the current batch of figures that I'm working on (started today):

Obviously that isn't my first batch. In fact it's the fourth batch. These are the ones I painted on Monday and Tuesday:

Yup, that's 71 figures painted in two days (plus a few minutes this morning to airbrush them with matte varnish). They are quite quick to paint, particularly as I'm only going for a basic tabletop standard (basecoats and wash). At this rate, I might have the whole army painted and based by the end of next week.

The reason I'm not basing them yet is that I want to mix up the figures on bases and can't do that until they are all painted. I also need to consider how to base them for both "Infamy, Infamy!" and Art de la Guerre.