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Thursday, 26 January 2012

On the workbench - Sarmatians

Well, as I haven't posted pics for the last couple of days I made sure to take some this evening for your delectation and salivation. So, either read through my ramblings first or skip straight down to JPG goodies.

My day:

I guess I should have realised something was up last night - I'd dozed off while watching TV at one point and had some trouble getting to sleep. Well, when I woke up this morning my sinuses were clogged, my throat was rough as ****, my body didn't want to move and I was feeling wiped out. Yup - I've got a heavy cold. After taking some cold medicine and having a hot drink I crawled back into bed for a couple of hours.

When I got up properly, I realised there was no way that I would be able to do anything requiring more than a little concentration - no minis painting today. Instead I focused on doing little bits that needed doing:

  • added texture mix to bases of the armoured lancers I'd just finished
  • painted some more bases up ready for figures to be glued on
  • glued the horses for my light horse and command groups to painting sticks; super-glued riders to horses, lances through hands and dragon standards to lances
  • glued camp followers and camp paraphernalia to painting sticks (some super-gluing of cooking fire bits)
  • primed everything that hadn't been primed yet

Anyway, that's more than enough verbiage from me - here's the piccies!

Everything that is not yet complete:

The armoured lancers en masse:

The stuff that gt stuck on sticks and primed today:

the "Other Cavalry" - primed, "whitewashed" and brown magic-washed:

The bad boys above are next up for painting - aaaahhhh! Horses! Lots of them!!
*glugs whisky to dull the horror*

Tomorrow's "To Do" List:

horsey basecoats and washes
bridles, reins and other horse tack (if time)


  1. You seem to be quite a prolific painter, prepping all those figs. I know that it is the logical way to do it, ie prep dozens at a time, but more than half a dozen and my brain starts to hurt.Can`t wait to see the end result.

  2. Let's hope you'll get rid of your cold fast.

    Anyway, that is a bloody lot of cavalry, *gulp*

  3. @Geminian - not as prolific as I'd like - I'm still way behind schedule and the cavalry has taken longer to paint than I'd originally expected. I think I need to trim back on the colour schemes a bit for the rest of the army.

    @Seb - I hope the cold clears quickly too - feeling a lot better today. As for the amount of cavalry, well, it's highly unlikely that you'll be meeting them all on the table due to the 650pt limit for the competition.