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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cancel the search parties!

OK, so I haven't posted since Tuesday. Well, there's not been anything really worth posting about, what with me not being able to do any painting. Resting my left arm and avoiding bending the elbow too much seems to be helping - I've been getting some sensitivity back in the fingers that were numb and I can bend my elbow without causing any discomfort. I'll still give it another week of rest before trying to paint again.

The draw has taken place for our club's FoG B4BC tournament, so I know who my opponents will be. I've been drawn against Seb (fielding a Chinese army), Gordon (fielding a classical Indian army) and Tim "Madaxeman" (army undeclared so far). It should be interesting to see how my Sarmatians do against them, particularly as I'm pretty new to FoG.

"Well, that's all very good, but what have you been up to for the last few days?" I hear you cry. Not very much on the wargames-related front I'm afraid. What I have been doing is thinking about paint schemes for my SF fleets and figures when I'm back in painting mode, what figures/vehicles/gear I need to complete various units and whether or not I should do a small solo SF campaign to post tales of on here (if you're really unlucky, I'll post my current thoughts - including background fluff - tomorrow).

Current thinking on paint schemes for my Full Thrust fleets:

FSE: pale grey-blue base; mid-blue on the superstructure; sky-blue for raised panels; detailing colours undecided

NSL: neutral grey base; dark blue-grey or grey-green for structural blocks; pale grey-blue for raised panels; detailing colours undecided

IJSN: light grey base; white or white-grey structural blocks; red (probably vermillion) for raised panels; detailing colours undecided, but leaning toward gold for some things.

I'll need to do some test ships to see how these look.

In the meantime, just to keep those of you salivating for pics of minis happy, here are a couple of pics of the Sarmatian light foot from Strategia et Tactica that I painted a couple of months back.

For the archers, I may well go back and repaint the bows to a lacquered-wood/horn colour - brightly painted bows doesn't look quite right!

Overall, I was reasonably happy withthe Strategia et Tactica figures that I bought, although a few had faces that made me think they may have been sculpted by Bosch or Munch (or seen their paintings!). Sadly, it seems that they have stopped trading.


  1. Nice neat figures , look impressive !

  2. Damaged elbow!!!! Left arm!!!!? You could still rest the minis on the workspace and paint with your right!!! Look at the knight in MP´s Holygrail...did he give up after loosing both arma and legs?? No!!
    Only joking. Nice minis. The brightly painted bows..they look ok..and didn´t they have coloured bows??

  3. @Both - thanks for the compliments

    @Paul - I think they did have coloured bows, but not sure of the colours! I'll probably end up leaving them as they are

  4. Yep, you're right, your skirmishers look fine to me (hmm, crossbow fodder)

  5. nice figures, I think the bows are good.