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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is one of my neighbours .......

A) A secret wargamer?
B) An anti-wargamer?
C) Just an annoying scumbag?

"Eh? what's all this about then?"

Perhaps I should explain. I live in a top floor flat of a house built as 6 flats, the upper floors sharing a stairway and front door with letter box.

Back in December, I was heading out to do some shopping on a Saturday morning just as the post was being delivered. I quickly sorted through it, separating it out by flat and placing each flat's post on a separate step. there wre three items for me, one of which was my subscription copy of Wargames Illustrated. When I got back from my shopping trip just over an hour later, the Wargems Illustrated had disappeared. I gave it a couple of days in case a neighbour had picked it up by mistake and returned it, but they never did so I ended up buying a copy from a newsagent near where I work.

It now appears that my subscription copy of the current issue of Miniature Wargames has disappeared - I should have received it last week, but no sign of it so far.

I should note that all of my neighbours in the upper flats are from overseas and from the brief conversations I've had with some of them  don't speak much English (it's quite possible that other members of their households do speak reasonable English, just not the ones I've spoken to).

I should also note that as far as I can make out it is only these two magazines that have miraculously vanished.

So, do I have a secret wargamer, an anti-wargamer or just an annoying scumbag among my neighbours?


  1. maybe an annoying wargaming scumbag?

  2. Oh, yes, I should have noted that A) and B) are annoying scumbags for taking my magazines

  3. I'm with sebastosfig on this one. If you happen to see any parcels from a mini's company addressed to someone else in the flat, you have your culprit.

  4. Hide a mousetrap under the magazine, and then check which neighbour has swollen fingers.

    I worry 'cos my postie has a habit of leaving deliveries outside my flat door (inside the building but still in a communal area), if they don't fit through the letterbox. Found my Harook ouside the door when they got delivered, and I've got some Khurasan stuff on the way over from the US and they definately won't fit through the letterbox.

  5. I like the one with a mousetrap..but a mouse trap linked to the mains electrics :-D


  6. I'd have to say scumbag....Mainly just because it's one of my favourite words ..... Scumbag...it has a certain ring don't ya think?....Now 'thieving scumbag' ..... that's even better.

  7. well, yesterday my Wargames Illustrated had been delivered before I went to work, so I put it in my bag. I did think about leaving it on the stairs to see if it disappeared - having flicked through it, I wouldn't have been missing much if they had purloined it while I was out.

  8. Motion sensor and cheap digital camera? The other option is the (a or b) scumbag could actually be at some point of the mail sorting process.

  9. Coat it with the oil of the poison ivy plant, and then leave it on the steps.