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Monday, 23 January 2012

WIP Update

No pics tonight, but a list of what I've done this evening:

  1. Current Armoured Lancers (3 BGs) - these were gloss varnished when I got home from work. I would have done the basing, but looked and realised that last night's brown wash didn't seem to have settled into the recesses or stain very much, so I made up a mix of Klear and brown ink and gave them a wash with this. Basing will be done tomorrow night.
  2. Armoured Lancers I finished painting a couple of weeks ago - I spotted that the basing texture was actually a bit thin, so I mixed up some more and added this to the bases. Currently drying - will give a dark wash and then dry brush tomorrow.
  3. "Other Cavalry" - these have been given a brown wash now over last night's "white-wash". I wasn't sure how necessary this step was, but now the wash has dried I can see that it has definitely helped to pick out the detail for when I do the main painting of them.

Edit: Klear dries hard really quickly! The armoured lancers are now off the sticks and glued onto their bases. Texture mix will be added tomorrow.


  1. Mythical indeed. To be honest, the first female wargamer I have found whilst browsing the many blogs online, but surely you are not unique! Onyhoo, I`ve got my beady mincers on you and will be following your blog with interest.

  2. Certainly far from unique, but pretty rare nonetheless :)


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