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Monday, 2 January 2012

Progress and a pic

Well, i've made a bit of progress with my Sarmatians. Last night I spent a few hours getting 48 Armoured Lancers ready for priming and painting. Having mounted the horses 4 to a stick and allowed the glue to set, I then started fixing the riders to the horses with superglue. No problems so far. But then I hit a problem when I went to fit the lances - they were too close together!

Snap, snap, snap. All off the sticks and refix them 3 to a stick in a different orientation. Allow PVA glue to dry for an hour, re-superglue those riders that had come off, let superglue dry for another hour, start doing lances. Remember halfway through that I have some disposable brush applicators. Look at fingertips which have superglue all over them. Kick self for being an idiot. Start using applicator. Allow glue to set overnight.


I've just finished priming the 48 lancers with Liquitex grey gesso, so they'll sit around for 24 hours curing then tomorrow I can start painting them.

Well, that's all fine and dandy I hear you say, but what about the pic you promised in the title? I've downloaded pics from my new camera (Fuji Finepix F300 EXR) and had a play with one of them in Paint, so here goes:

Figures are 25mm NSL from Ground Zero Games

More pics to follow over the next few days

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