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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sarmatians - progress report

I didn't get anything done on the Sarmatians yesterday, but that doesn't mean I was slacking. I did make up new batches of "wash base" and flow aid, as well as a slightly weaker batch of black wash. After that I finally got round to repainting some adobe/desert dwellings from The Scene - paints used were B&Q "Cappucino" matt emulsion, drybrushed with two gradually lighter mixes of Cappucino with Reeves white craft acrylic. Finally, I sorted out the different paints I'd be using for various bits of the Sarmatians (why did I have to go and pick an irregular army? Sooooo many different colours. Next time I'll go for a more uniformed army, like the Romans).

Today I actually made a start on painting my first battle group of armoured lancers. I've got about 2/3 of the way through - just some belts, skin and horse ears, tails, lower legs and muzzles to do, followed by a wash after doing any touch-ups needed. Hopefully they'll be done in time for me to get some pre-basing pics taken to post here tomorrow night.

I was trying out a wet palette I'd bought, but it seems to dry out very quickly - I might need to put more of the blotting paper layers in next time.

Looking at what I've done today, I think I may change the process for the rest of the army, by reducing the number of colours used and by doing several battle groups at a time.

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