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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WIP: Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #04

Got the following done on my "other cavalry" this evening:

  • riders cloaks
  • wood colour for the spears that 16 have in hand
  • dark wood colour for the bows that 32 have in hand, and the 16 with spears have in bow cases

Painting plan for next few days:

Wednesday: belts; flesh; bowcases & quivers; sword scabbards

Thursday: saddle cloths; horse tack decorations; horse plumes; metallic details; gloss varnish coat

Friday morning: Klear/brown ink wash
Friday evening - glue to bases and add texture mix

Whether I'll manage to keep to that schedule is another matter. I expect that I'll need to add in a "touching up" stage for Thursday or Friday.

And now for the pics I took after last night:


  1. its really interesting to see other peoples painting routine, I personally start with skin, then clothing, weapons, hair then headgear, bases come last, good work on these so far.

  2. Your army is really taking shape. And BTW, did you read Tim was playing another Chinese army?

  3. @Dan - I've definitely gone a**e-about-face with these ones. Should have started with the riders, not the horses. I actually find it easier to start with the main block colours before doing flesh etc as they are quicker and easier to touch up.

    @Seb - I certainly did see that. Quite an interesting selection for our first round group - classical Indian, 2 Chinese and steppes.