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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Aussies On Parade

I decided to spend some time this morning adding tufts to the bases of all the Aussies that I've painted so far. And then to take a bunch of photos of them all. So, here you are - a bit of a photo dump!

Squaddies with rifles:

Junior Leaders with SMGs:

Junior Leaders with Rifles:

Bren guns:

Squaddies with Owen guns:

Squaddies with Thompson guns:

Senior Leaders:

The chap with the carbine is Major Lumley from The Assault Group.


2" Mortar teams:

3" Mortar team:

Vickers MMG team:

PIAT team:

Sniper team:

Radio Operator:


Papuan stretcher team:

Papuan troops with rifles:

Papuan troops with Owen guns:

Papuan Bren gun team:

Independent Company squaddies with Owen guns:

Independent Company sniper and squaddies with rifles:

Independent Company Bren team:

Independent Company senior leader:

Two village huts from Sarissa Precision:

For those that haven't been following my posts, the figures are a mix of Aussies from Warlord Games, Eureka Miniatures, Artizan Designs and Wartime Miniatures, with a few Chnidits from The Assault Group and Wargames Foundry.

Saturday Update 30 June

I've been quite busy today. The airbrush has seen a lot of action and I've done a few other things.

The Eureka figures got primed (well, eleven of them did); the figure that had lost the tip of it's Owen gun had a new barrel tip created using 0.5mm piano wore and green stuff (the picture above shows it before shaping of the cured putty); the Patrol markers and basic jump off points were airbrushed green and had Aussie flags added (and were later sprayed with matt varnish). I also airbrushed a Chain of Command dashboard (from Warbases) with the same green.

I also airbrushed some casualty counters (for recording "shock"), some "pinned down" tokens and some "broken" tokens (all from Warbases).

Work on the Owen gun:

Wire inserted, green stuff added

Green stuff shaped

Close-up of the shaped green stuff
I've stuck him on a base and will prime the figure tomorrow.

I've also done a bit of work on the non-basic jump off points:

I need to add a few more bits before priming and painting them.