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A mythical beast - a female wargamer! I got back into wargaming in the summer of 2011 after a very, very long break and haven't looked back since. I must admit that I seem to be more of a painter/collector than a gamer, but do hope to correct that at some point in the near future. My gaming interests span the ages, from the "Biblical" era all the way through to the far future. I enjoy games of all sizes, from a handful of figures up to major battles (see my megalomaniacally sized Choson Korean and Russian Seven Years War armies).

2015 Painting

6mm ACW

Union - 14 bases of infantry (24 line plus 4 skirmishers each); 4 bases of infantry (24 line plus 6 skirmishers each); 2 bases of infantry (24 line plus 8 skirmishers each); 2 bases of Zouaves (24 line and 8 skirmishers each); 2 bases of sharpshooters (12 skirmishers each on 60x30); 4 bases of mounted cavalry (14 figures each); 2 bases of dismounted cavalry (14 foot figures and 6 horses each); 7 single-based mounted figures; 16 bases of artillery (12 smoothbores and 4 Parrott rifles, each with 4 crew); 18 mounted command figures;


15mm Science Fiction

Power armour - 54 figures
Panzer Grenadiers - 112 infantry figures; 6 crew served weapons with 2 crew each; 4 fan bikes with 1 rider each;
Support Weapons - 4 hover drones; 6 MAWPs
Vehicles - 3 Rommel gun tanks; 1 Rommel AA tank; 1 Rommel missile tank; 1 Rommel SLAM artillery tank; 4 Wombat APCs; 1 Wombat missile APC; 1 Wombat command APC; 1 Wombat flatbed cargo APC

15mm Seven Years War

Russians - Aphseronskiy musketeers (18 figures); 2nd Moscowskiy musketeers (18 figures); Arkhangelovskiy musketeers (18 figures); Astrakhanskiy musketeers (18 figures); Chernigovskiy musketeers (18 figures); Novgorodskiy musketeers (18 figures);

15mm Thirty Years War

32 pike & shot

15mm Choson Koreans

48 "soldiers"; 24 archers;

15mm Bulgars

24 Bulgar medium cavalry;

28 mm Mob Wars

Cops: 4 Dixon; 8 Pulp Figures; 2 Blue Moon vehicles plus crews;
Civvies: 4 ladies (Blue Moon); 7 guys and 5 gals (Blue Moon)

28mm Wars of the Roses

60 retinue archers;

28mm Hasslefree Figures

2 x Harby (Marv) plus 1 dead Dixon gangster; Frank; Mad Max and Terminator Arnie; H4ML3T


ESU - 1 x SDN; 1 x BDN; 1 x BB; 1 x BC; 2 x CH; 2 x CE; 2 x CL; 2 x DD; 2 x FF; 3 x CT; 3 x SS

Crusties - 1 x BBH

Car Wars

3X Scale - 26 x modified cars; 1 x repainted monster pickup;

28mm Post-Apoc

The "Oblitterator"

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