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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WIP (no photos)

Tasks completed today:

  • 3 BGs Armoured Lancers - spotted I'd forgotten to paint the bases before gluing the figures on (D'Oh!!) so I did this. 
  • Painted a bunch of bases* ready for next BGs of cavalry
  • Glued archers and javelin/spear foot onto sticks for painting. these will be gesso primed tomorrow.
  • Having assessed my army lists for the club tournament, realised I could probably use more LF-Javelin troops against Gordon's Classical Indian army which will have plenty of hephalumps, so I placed an order for some more from Donnington along with enough mounted bowmen and lancers to make up 2 more BGs of "Other Cavalry"
  • Worked out what paint and wash colours I'll want for the "Other Cavalry" horses

*I used B&Q Colours range "Cocoa Bean" for this (matt emulsion tester pot - great value for jobs like this)

Tomorrow's "To Do" List:

  • Base colours on "Other Cavalry" Horses, plus washes if time allows
  • Gesso prime the foot troops
  • Apply texture mix to Armoured Lancers bases
  • Paint up some more bases

I've also realised that I need to order some more cavalry bases, so I'll probably do that tomorrow.


  1. B&Q paints for an undercoat??? Didn't know normal paint would work??

  2. It works fine out of the pot on MDF bases, needs a little bit of thinning down for painting onto figure bases.

    Emulsion paint is basically a thicker mix of acrylic paint (but with less finely ground pigment I guess). Great for terrain and for painting up bases before gluing figures or adding scatter.

  3. You'll need to watch using B&Q paints if they are emulsions as if the figures are at all greasy the paint will flake off fairly easily over a bit of time.

    Good to see your getting a fair bit of progress though.

    1. The emulsions don't go onto bare metal, but on top of gesso primer (plus paints, washes etc that have dripped/splattered onto the figure base) so there shouldn't be any problem with flaking, particularly after being sealed with gloss varnish and Klear-ink wash.


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