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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Wednesday Workbench 31 March

With the 6mm ACW finally out of the way, I've turned my attention to other projects. Over the weekend I had cleaned up the extra US paras and got them glued onto bases. While I was doing that, I remembered the Polish paras I'd bought several months ago and glued them onto bases as well.

Yesterday I added "gunk" to all the bases, which took a couple of hours. Today I primed all the figures.

Polish Paras

US Paras - 1 platoon plus SF-MG team

US Paras - 2 platoon (minus 2 figs), bazooka teams, BARs and specialists

It turns out that I am still short two riflemen, for the HQ squad of the 2nd platoon. I also need a couple of figures to go with the engineer to make a team for Chain of Command. However, there's no great rush to buy them - painting this lot should keep me busy for a few weeks.

Tomorrow should see me starting on the US paras, testing out paint schemes.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Finished: 6mm ACW Cavalry, Generals and Artillery

 I finished the basing on this project on Sunday and took the photos yesterday, but ended up going down a bit of a rabbit hole of reading and forgot to do a post. Still, better late than never...

Warning! There are a lot of photos in this post. Some of them even show, rather graphically, that I failed to spot basing sand/grit which had managed to adhere to figures - I'll have to go back through and clean those up (the figures, not the photos).


The Generals:

The Artillery:

The Dismounted Cavalry:

The Cavalry:


The Generals:

The Artillery:

The Dismounted Cavalry:

The Cavalry:

What? You've made it all the way down here? I guess I'd better write something then.

For those who are interested, the figures in this post are all 6mm from Baccus Miniatures. A quick breakdown of what is on the bases:

Humans - 338

Horses - 306

Guns - 4

Limbers - 8