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Saturday, 21 January 2012

WIP - Sarmatian Lancers

OK, a couple of pics showing current state of painting for 1 BG of armoured lancers (the other 2 BGs are at the same stage):

Just need to do some detailing and touch-ups tomorrow, followed by wash and gloss varnish, then if it isn't too late I'll base them up.


  1. They look fantastic. You also use the same lolly stick idea that I do.

    I'm doing 10mm Parthians at the moment which have lancers very similar to the Sarmatians. Once complete I'll bang some pics on the blog.

  2. Looking good, Tamsin. But my mighty guards will eat them with their chopsticks ;)

  3. @Phil - I think most people doing armies in 15mm or below use something similar

    @Seb - those guards must be very well drilled if they are able to eat with chopsticks while routing off the field of battle!


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