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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Finished: Cop Shop & Grav Lift/Platform

Continuing with the terrain theme, I have finished a couple more pieces today.

Police Station

This Police Station from TT combat is for my Salutesville pulp era collection. I had assembled it a couple of years ago, but only just got round to priming and painting it. I think that was at least in part because I realised that it would have been so much easier to paint the interior details before assembly.

Top floor

Ground floor

Grav Lift/Platform

This kit was from Warbases (apart from the drinks can - don't remember what that was) and will be joining my other Strontium Dog terrain.

I've spent most of this afternoon priming all of this resin scatter terrain (and a couple of figures):

Mix of Antenociti's Workshop, TT Combat and Wargames Terrain Workshop

I still need to do some zenithal highlighting on the vehicles and figures, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I've also got these MDF bits to spray prime (having restocked with matt black from Poundland on Friday).

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Finished: Billboards and Containers for Judge Dredd

After a couple of days of painting, weathering, adding decals (accompanied by a little swearing - see later comments) and more weathering I have finished this bunch of terrain for Judge Dredd games.

The billboards and containers are MDF kits from TT combat.

The billboard posters were made up from images I found on the web and then resized in Word to fit the poster area.

These graffiti decals were from Debris of War. I probably should have used a few more applications of MicroSol to blend the clear edging in a bit more (it's not so obvious here, but it is on a couple of the containers).

For this billboard I used a couple of the Warlord decals and also tried some that I'd made myself - it was with my own that the swearing was involved. After printing out a sheet, letting the ink dry and then applying a thin coat of liquid decal medium (there was also swearing involved at this point when I found that it needed to be thinned to go through the airbrush. And then found that anything with water in was not the right solvent for it [it forms a gloopy gunge]. Luckily I had some 99% isopropyl alcohol which did the trick. Once I'd spent several minutes cleaning the gunge out of the airbrush) and letting it dry overnight, I cut the sheet into smaller sections and then took one of those and cut the decals out, soaked them and tried applying them.

It was when they started to disintegrate in the water (or while i was applying them) that I realised I had forgotten that they need a second thick coat of liquid decal medium. I've now gone back and applied that to the remaining sections.

I also spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up, washing and drying the resin pieces I had from TT Combat and Antenociti's Workshop. Mostly they were fine, but the taxi models had huge lumps of excess resin underneath which took a couple of hours to grind down.

Over the next couple of days, my plan is to work on these:

The grav-pad tower is almost done - it just needs a gloss coat, black-lining in the recesses and then final varnish coats before I glue the can in and stick them on a base. The building is the TT Combat police station which I assembled a couple of years ago but never got around to painting.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Finished: Denizens and Arch Villains of Mega City One

Beware - lots of pics and lots of text in this post!

I'll bet you're wondering why all the pics are on here, rather than on the Quarantine Challenge blog. Well, that's because I didn't finish them in time and the QC is now over.

Today sees the last of my current* Judge Dredd figures finished - the Denizens of Mega City One and Arch villains packs.

Denizens of Mega City One

East Meg Agent

Both of the Neo-Sov mega cities (East Meg 1 and East Meg 2) have regularly sent agents to infiltrate Mega City One with orders to sow discord, gather intelligence and commit acts of sabotage and assassination. Some of these were Konstructs, genetically modified for greater strength, speed and endurance.

Or maybe she's just an enforcer/assassin for one of the criminal gangs.

Oola and Homer Blint

Seemingly an ordinary and pleasant citizen, Oola Blint was in fact one of the city's most prolific serial killers. She apparently believed she was performing acts of mercy, killing people so that they would no longer have to suffer the madness of living in Mega city One. Her preferred method was to incapacitate her victims with gas before administering a lethal dose with a hypodermic.

Homer Blint was Oola's weak-willed husband. He discovered what his wife was doing and was persuaded to help her out, often by flying above with his bat-glider to keep an eye out for any threats (especially from Judges).

Eventually Dredd traced the crimes back to Oola, but the Blints escaped to BritCit before they could be arrested. They opened a legal euthanasia clinic there, but Oola soon returned to her murderous ways. Homer found out and turned her in to the BritCit Judges.

Karl Raider

Karl is an ex-Judge who had graduated just behind Joe and Rico Dredd in the same class. He resigned in 2099 after falling in love with a citizen, whom he then married. His wife, Carol, became ill with radiation sickness during the Apocalypse War of 2104 and Karl killed her before she could suffer too much.

By 2114 he was acting as a vigilante in City Bottom, taking on the various criminal elements preying on his neighbourhood. After attacking Murk Dennyson's gang, he was tracked down and killed by Dredd.


Sometimes the citizens of Mega City One can't take it any more and go completely mad and start killing people at random. They are said to be suffering from "Future Shock" and those affected are said to have gone or to be a Futsie.

Arch Villains

Orlok the Assassin and his Satellat

Orlok was a Sov agent from East Meg 1 who had infiltrated mega City One ahead of the Apocalypse War. His task was to induce chaos and distract the Judges immediately prior to a nuclear strike and invasion.

He did this by contaminating the water supply of multiple blocks with a chemical agent which increased the normal levels of paranoia and aggression of the citizens in those blocks.  This led to a widespread breakout of block wars which came to be known as Block Mania.

(Former) Judge Grice

Grice was a Senior Judge in Mega City One. In the aftermath of Necropolis (during which he had fallen under control of the Dark Judges), the citizens were (quite reasonably) outraged by the Justice department's failure to protect them.

Grice proposed a tightening of the law to crack down on them; Judge Dredd proposed (and forced through) a referendum on whether the Judge system should be retained or replaced. Grice, along with most of the Judges thought that the vote could only go against them, so with a cabal of other senior Judges conspired to undermine the referendum by assassinating Dredd.

Dredd survived the assassination attempt, killing two of the conspirators and rounding up the rest. Grice and the other surviving conspirators were summarily sentenced to twenty years hard labour on Titan. The referendum voted to retain the Judge system.

Two years later, having been subject to the brutal regime (which included illegal experimentation on prisoners) of Governor Khurtz, Grice led an outbreak and killed Khurtz during the rampage. After stealing a biological weapon, the flesh-dissolving Meat Virus, he led an army of prisoners back to Mega City One on a fleet of small spacecraft.

Crashing spaceships on arrival to cause chaos and spread the virus, they soon took control of the city and the Grand Hall of Justice as so many Judges were incapacitated by the virus. This incident became known as "Inferno".

Grice made himself Chief Judge and began plotting to do the same thing to the other megacities.

Most of the Judges escaped and Dredd led them in a counter attack against Grice's outnumbered men, regaining control of the city. This culminated in a man-on-man confrontation between Dredd and Grice; Grice gained the upper hand until Dredd instructed his Lawmaster bike to drive into Grice, followed by s series of Reverse; Forward commands until Grice was completely squished.

With cybernetic breather fitted on Titan

Mean Angel (aka Mean Machine Angel)

Growing up in the Cursed Earth wastelands, Mean started out as a sweet, happy, friendly child who wouldn't hurt a fly and loved flowers and kittens. That really upset his father, Pa Angel, who was determined to make him a nasty, violent psychopath like the rest of his brothers. Torture and beatings didn't work, so for his 12th birthday Pa kidnapped a surgeon from Texas City and forced him to operate and make various cybernetic "improvements". These included a weapon arm and fitting a dial into his brain to control his aggression - the dial has four settings of increasing nastiness, but has been known to get stuck above 4 sending Mean into a complete frenzy.

He is famous for his headbutting.

"For you, Dreddy, I'ma gonna go straight up to four!"

Nero Narcos

Nero was a genius with technology. He was also the Chairman of the "Frendz" criminal organisation. Surviving an assassination attempt, but suffering terrible injuries, he had his brain transplanted into an armoured robot body.

In 2121, the Frendz had been sabotaging early examples of the Mark 2 Lawgiver so that when they received a signal the weapon wouldn't recognise the palm-print of the judge it had been assigned to. When the judge then went to use it, the weapon would self-destruct in their hand. Hundreds of  Judges were killed and many more maimed when this happened at the start of the Second Robot War.

Judge Death

The big cheese himself (well, he is a bit ripe...), Judge Death, Sidney to his friends and family.

Sidney De'Ath was a Judge on a planet in another dimension (now?) known as Deadworld. Realising that all crime is committed by the living, he came to the conclusion that life itself must be the real crime and resolved himself to deal with it.

Helped by the Sisters of Death, Phobia and Nausea, using a dark magic ritual he free his spirit and became able to temporarily inhabit corpses (and sometimes living bodies), becoming Judge Death in the process. They later used the same ritual on themselves and his comrades who became Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis. they then brainwashed all the other Judges and proceeded to exterminate all life on their planet (including the brainwashed Judges).

When a dimension-traveling researchers appeared on Deadworld, Sidney realises that there is life elsewhere in the universe. Where there is life, there is crime and crime must be punished, so he "judged" the researchers and used their device to travel to Mega City One where he began his killing spree. Dredd and Psi Judge Anderson tried unsuccessfully to kill him, but did destroy the body he was in with incendiary rounds. His freed spirit entered Anderson's mind - Anderson managed to send a telepathic message to Dredd, telling him to encase her in "Boing (TM)", trapping Death in with her.

He has escaped a number of times and his killing sprees have resulted in tens (maybe hundreds) of millions of deaths.

"The crime issss life, the sssssentence issss death!"

"You cannot kill what doessss not livvvve!"


Wooden Pallets

These were part of my Antenociti's Workshop order which were delivered yesterday. I assembled them last night and dry-brushed them (they are pre-painted MDF) this morning.

I'll be working on terrain for the most part over the next week or two, but will be prepping some more figures.