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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Korean Cavalry On the Workbench

The first batch of cavalry are sooo, sooo, sooo close to being finished that I'm really annoyed with myself for dozing off on the sofa earlier this evening. If I hadn't gone to sleep I might just have finished them tonight.

I started the next batch last night. these are the Singi Guard cavalry and I've decided to be a bit more uniform with these. It will just be the officers and saddle cloths that differ between the units (OK, maybe the mix of horse colours will differ as well).

I've also prepped the figures for the command stands and will be gluing them onto their bases for painting later this evening.

Anyway, as it is a couple of days since my last post, here are some pics to stop you all moaning.

All the cavalry:

The Kwang Gun/Singi Gun Cavalry

The Singi Guard Cavalry

Before I forget - I've also finished the Korean camp Secret Project. However, you'll have to wait until I return from Campaign for pics of it as I don't want to spoil the surprise.


  1. Your rate of painting is insane. You're giving me a complex - haven't so much as picked up a brush in over a month.

    It's a great looking army though which makes it even more annoying . . .

  2. Well done M'Lady! Another secret project, this could prove interesting.

  3. Great work Tamsin. I did the exactly the same thing last night. I set all my gear up on the table sat down and switched the football on, then woke up 3 hours later!!!!! Damn it!

  4. You dont do things by halves Tamsin.
    These look great.

  5. You must have needed the snooze! Still making very good progress though!

  6. See these just look gorgeous can't wait to them all finished and on the table all ranked up.

  7. @ Crazy Joe - my work rate is high at the moment because I have a deadline to complete the army I'm taking to Campaign. I need to have them finished by next Friday evening (so, 36 cavalry, 48 foot and the command stands - 4 mounted, 12 foot - to do over the next 7 days!)

    @ Anne - the Secret Project is just a small bit of silliness

    @ Ray - 3 hours? At least I wasn't out for that long!

    @ Kev - what are halves? *lol*
    ps - congrats on the impending nuptials :)

    @ Rodger - I must have needed it, but it's still a pain i the neck that it delayed me finishing them :(

    @ Simon - you won't have long to wait. They will be in action next weekend!

  8. Magnifique work! Greetings and respect from korea

  9. Magnifique work! Greetings and respect from korea


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