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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

100K Prize Draw - The Day 1 Winner

What a truly popular prize this one was - 240 entries (including bonuses for poetry and pimpage) from 67 individuals!

Just to remind you what the prize was

Anyway, the spreadsheet column of names was sorted into alphabetical order, copied to random.org and the words "Hocus Pocus" said (or whatever the site does to randomise them) and a winner was found:

Congratulations Ferb!!! Please email me (use the Kontactr link underneath the Posties Rejects logo) with your address, and I'll get them sent out to you.

What else has been going on?

Monday Night FoG:AM Game

Gordon is taking a Later Polish army to a tournament this weekend and wanted a practice game beforehand. As the only blood my Swiss pikemen had seen was mine on the end of their pikes, I volunteered and duly turned up with a 650 point army that should have been a good match against a cavalry-heavy army.

Unfortunately, Gordon discovered on arrival that he'd accidentally picked up the wrong bag. Instead of rules, dice, measuring sticks, terrain and 650 points of Poles he had 850 points of Classical Indians. Rather than cancelling we agreed to play on and Gordon worked out a 650 point list he could use. He won the initiative and selected b****y "Tropical" as the terrain type! Just what an army of Swiss pikemen want to be fighting in. Here's a pic of the table:

Green blobs = Forest; Black = Gully; Brown/Orange = Brush. Table is 3' x 5' - you can just about make out the chalk boundary
Absolutely brilliant. Terrain that slows my heavy foot down and severely disorders it but barely affects the Indians' medium foot.

I'll do an AAR later, but the abridged version is that I scraped a narrow 12 to 8 win (I'd lost 3 BGs broken and my camp; Gordon had lost 5 BGs). Most of my fighting had been done where my BGs lost dice due to severely disordering terrain where their pikes didn't count for combat factors, so it was quite a surprise.

The Mystery of the Blue Moon

I'd been waiting almost a month for my Blue Moon pirates order from Old Glory UK to arrive. Yesterday I had a package in the post which contained 4 of the packs from my order, but no packing slip or note to say where the rest were. I was planning to contact them this evening to ask about the rest of the order.

The 4 packs I received

This morning I got an email from them to let me know that Royal Mail had returned a package because I hadn't collected it. As I never got a "you weren't in" card, I didn't know it was waiting to be collected. After mutual disparaging of the Royal Mail, they are sending the package out again (to my work address this time) so I will hopefully get it on Friday or early next week.


  1. Congrats Ferb....
    And also Congrats to you Tamsin. Swiss in a tropical setting??? Very Funny. Looks like they took the wrong turn for ending up in India...

  2. Congrats to Ferb - That was a fun giveway.

  3. Congrats to the winner and those Royal mail guys.....funny professional feckers!

  4. Congrats Ferb,thats me not starting a Brit force for Bolt Action then. Thanks for saving me some money hahaha

  5. Congrats Ferb! Damm i as #9!

  6. Damn. Not even in the first 24... Congratulations ferb!

  7. Well done to Ferb, you lucky lad!!

  8. Congrats Ferb, enjoy the figures when they arrive.


  9. Congratulations there Ferb and I hope you enjoy the figures. That is a real pain there Tamsin with not having the Sorry we missed you slip that you so love putting through my door. Actually the postie around here is dead good and posts all my stuff to my father in law around the corner if I am not in.

  10. Congrats Ferb, Its good to know the royal mail dont victimise me solely then by not leaving cards

  11. Wow! I actually won something! Thanks Tamsin.

  12. Just tried the Kontact me link in a couple of browsers and I get the following:
    The username you typed does not exist or the user might have disabled the form.

    1. Aaarrrggghhh!

      Sorry about that. I forgot I'd disabled it a while back. I've re-activated it now.

    2. Thanks address sent :-)

  13. One time I managed to open the door to the postman leaving a "you weren't in card". He didn't have my package. I was not well pleased. We now have a new postman.

  14. Congratulations to Ferb!

    My, you do have a lot of Pirates coming in.

  15. Congrats to Ferb. Very generous of Tamsin to give away such a good prize.

  16. Well done Ferb.

    And a big well done Tamsin.

  17. Swiss in a tropical environment?...It sounds a bit ...strange...

    Maybe your rulebook has some bugs...hasn' t it? :-p


  18. Well done Ferb - The force is with you.

  19. Congrats Ferb! Thanks Tamsin!

  20. Congrats Ferb. I think it says Abracapocus!

  21. Yaaaaay Ferb, well done.
    Great prize Tamsin

  22. Good for Ferb, enjoy the miniatures. Swiss vs Indians, sounds like your army should have turned left, towards Moscow.

  23. @ Markus and Mike - as my Swiss put it "Krakow, Lucknow, all the same to us! Now, where are these fellows who want to be poked with long pointy sticks?"

    @ Anne - Yup, lots of pirates. Pretty soon I'll be able to assess what I've got and what I still need to complete my army.

    @ Fran, PK, Andrew and Arquinsiel - RM can be a right pain in the butt at times.

    @ Marzio - in FoG, the player with initiative can choose the territory type from those allowed by their army list or that of their opponent. Unsurprisingly, the Indians have Tropical as one of 3 or 4 options. Surprisingly (for a heavy foot army) the Swiss only have Mountains as a territory option with lots of terrain that makes it difficult to deploy and manoeuvre them.