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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Back from Campaign; Korean Camp

Hi all, I'm back from Campaign now and what a weekend it was. I've downloaded the pics from my camera and will try to write up some AARs tomorrow (I deliberately booked the day off work). I am feeling rather tired, as you can imagine.

So, my results:

Game 1 vs Bob's Southern Song Chinese - 11:9 win*
Game 2 vs Pete's Liao - 15-5 loss (might have been 14-6, the 15-5 was a guesstimate before doing the actual calculation)
Game 3 vs Keith's Koryo Koreans - 25-0 utter defeat in a Korean Civil War
Game 4 vs Paul's Xi Xia - 24-1 not-quite-as-utter defeat
Game 5 vs Mark's Xi Xia - 12-8 win to me in a Central London Wargames Club Civil War**

* my clubmates were amazed that I'd beaten Bob as he is a very, very good player and my win resulted in me receiving a standing toast when we went for a curry on the Saturday night! There are some tales of Bob's truly atrocious dice rolling to be told in my AAR.

** this round was particularly important as my team were fighting against our clubmates and the team result would determine who ended up in last place. My team were 1 point behind going in and the results were as follows:
Simon vs Richard - 24:1 loss
Me vs Mark - 12:8 win
Andy vs Jerry - 25:0 win

Last year my results were: 24-1 loss; 24-1 loss; 21-4 loss; 24-1 loss; 12-8 loss, so this year was a massive improvement I'm sure you'll agree.

I did meet up with a couple of people from the blogosphere while I was there:
Mike from Trouble At T'Mill who was there running a fun-looking participation game involving hot air balloons suspended from the frame of a small garden marquee.
Simon from Iron Mitten and his lovely better half (Kath? I'm terrible with names) who were there in C17th costume with Prince Rupert's Blew Regiment of the Sealed Knot. Poor Simon must have been boiling in his uniform and armour.
Doug (sorry - not sure if you have a blog) who was there with a 54mm Stalingrad demo game which looked fantastic.

Here are a couple of pics I took of the good (?) pirate ship "Madaxeman's Revenge" (I don't know if he's actually given it a name, but it seems appropriate) and of brilliant cohesion markers:

Teh ship is the 8-gun Barque from Blue Moon/Old Glory. He got the tokens off Ebay but I expect you can find them in the kiddies section of poundshops.

Korean Camp

Finally, the Secret Project which was the supply camp for my Koreans can be revealed.


  1. LOL the supply camp is an excellent idea

  2. Well done on the wins and the supply camp is a real hoot!

  3. Glad you were able to get in so much game time. It looks like everything in your supply camp is "off market"

  4. That's a good number of games and a great improvement over last year. Well done Tamsin!

  5. A vast improvement Tamsin and the supply camp is very styley!!!!!

  6. Sounds like a great days gaming! Great looking camp too.


  7. An improvement indeed. I hope it continues to improve next year as well.

    As for the camp "It's just wrong!" hee hee hee!

  8. Very clever with the camp Tamsin! Glad to see that you got some some win too!

  9. Great improvement. Thumps up. So next year you'll beat them all.
    The camp is very stylish...nice idea..

  10. Huge LOL, I didn't see that coming! Great work in the standings, too. I found FoG to have a pretty high learning curve but then all of the bits click.

  11. Hah, the camp is very clever. Congrats on the wins.

  12. Glad you all like the camp, especially after making you wait so long to see it.

    @ Markus - winning all my games would be terribly bad form. Such a display of competence could see me thrown out of the club!

    @ Monty - After about 18 months of playing FoG I'm used to the rules but I do have trouble at times remembering the POAs for shooting and combat. That being said, we did have to call the umpire over for 2 situations in the last game as we weren't entirely sure how they should play out (both involving awkward routs by broken units)

    @ Clint - yup, it's most certainly "wrong but right". Unfortunately it will become dated with time.

  13. We're all relative newbies with Version 2 of the FoG AM rules, since they only came out at Christmas time. I was glad to have you on my team, Tamsin.

    I don't know the name of Tim's pirate ship. If it's a bark, maybe it should be called "Rover", but whatever type of vessel it is, the name should begin with an "arr".

  14. that camp was just wrong.

    Loved it!