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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pirate Problems

Well, not so much problems as a decision which had to be made.

Last night I compared figures from the different ranges, to see how they matched up for size. I found that the Peter Pig and Grumpy figures were a good match, as were the Blue Moon and Rebel Minis figures. However, the two pairings don't mix well size-wise - the Blue Moon and Rebel are noticeably larger than the Peter Pig and Grumpy.

For my army, I've decided to go with the Blue Moon and Rebel Minis. I can probably use the Cimaroons, Chinese and Malays from Grumpy as they don't look quite as out of place. The Peter Pig and Grumpy pirates will go into the pile for skirmish games at a later date.

The next job for me is to work out how many extra Blue Moon and Rebel packs I need to order. I should probably sit down and work out a suitable army list first!


  1. Yes Blue moon are nearer 18mm where as peter pig are 15's found that out with some AWI figures

  2. Hmm, that is a dilemna.

    Did I read pirate skirmish? Arhhhhhhhhh

    PS: See you tomorrow with your starter fleet ;)

  3. Tamsin, drop me an email I do not think I will be getting round to my Pirates for a few years so would happily talk about trade or cheap sale have 2 ships and loads of bluemoon packs (some of which I have based on 1p coins)

  4. The classic size issue scenario, I'm not the only one then!

  5. It's the problem with getting different makes of figures. Some go together others don't. We have all encountered the same issue. Which is why it's always good to get samples at shows then compare them in the comfy chair at home later on in the day.

  6. Hi Tamsin...I share your pain regarding differing figure sizes. It can be so frustrating trying to match up figures from manufacturers as you've mentioned. Good luck with the Blue Moon figures - they do look really nice!

  7. As others have said, size is a pain, just ask Fran?

  8. @ Andrew - yep, definitely nearer 18mm. fortunately the Rebel work well with them.

    @ Seb - we'll be exchanging prizes tonight (your Spartans are in my bag)

    @ James - that's a very kind offer. I'll email you :)

    @ Fran - at least I've got uses for all the ones which are too small to go in the army, so it's not a case of money down the drain.

    @ Clint - with hindsight, I probably should have picked up some samples at Salute. I'd have been able to get everything apart from Rebel there.

    @ Sidney - the Blue Moon and Rebel Minis pirates are definitely the Black Pig's doodahs. Lovely figures which I'm looking forward to painting up.

    @ Ray - whatever do you mean?