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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Koreans - Singi Guard Cavalry

OK, they're finished. So that's all the cavalry done (until later this year when I do bow cavalry so that I can use them for FoG:R).

Lots of pretty piccies:

Kwang Gun Infantry and Commanders

I haven't got any further with these. I did take the infantry into work, but decided to work on the article for Miniature Wargames instead. I'll take the command stands in tomorrow as I might just be able to finish those over my lunch break.

I'll be doing some work on the infantry after posting this.


  1. simply.....stunning work of painting by you Tamsin.
    The figures look great and flocking of the bases too.
    Do you any camp base in mind to paint up or not necessary to have for display?

    Thanks for sharing your work with us bloggers.

  2. I really like this army. It will be very colorful on the table. Nice job!

  3. I thought you were doing this army for Fog?

  4. Very pretty Tamsin, you're a machine!

  5. Smashing! Best dressed troops on the tabletop!

  6. great work as usual Tamsin
    Peace James

  7. Wow! Cracking unit, Tamsin. Really colourful. They look like a very belligerent group of My Little Ponies!

  8. Wow what a colorful army.
    Great work.

  9. Very nice, Tamsin!
    I enjoy what you reach with those small figures.


  10. Eye candy! You paint so fast it makes my head spin! ;-)

  11. @15mm25mm - thanks. I've got a jokey camp already done (pics after this weekend) but will probably do a more serious one at some point (maybe using one of the Kerr & King buildings I've bought)

    @ DFlynSqrl - the cavalry are very colourful, particularly in contrast to the infantry

    @ LeadLegion - yup, these are done for FoG:AM at the moment. By the time they get to the FoG:R era, the cavalry have switched from lancers to archers (presumably adopting the practices of all the folks that had beaten them - Mongols, Japanese...)

    @ Fran - I am not a machine, I'm a human being! ;p

    @ Monty - if only their general and her dice was as good as they look! :)

    @ James B - thanks! :)

    @ Rosbif - My Little Pony? OMG - I see it now! Aaaarrrgghhh!! Oh well, too late to change the colour scheme ;)

    @ Markus - yup, very colourful :)

    @ Stefan - 15mm is what I'm used to now. glad you like them :)

    @ Millsy - how do you think my head feels! *lol*

  12. Stunningly Colourful looking unit Tamsin! Look forward to seeing them with the infantry :D

  13. Whoa, this is impressive! You've done it again Tamisin!

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous work Tamsin, jolly well done.

  15. Whew, that's a lot of cav. Well done. What type of wood do you use for your bases?

  16. Tamsin I wish I could focus long enough to do so many figures to that standard in one go. FANTASTIC!

  17. Beautifully painted, Tamsin. I just hope Mark Corbett of the Dim Mortal team is not your opponent in the first battle at Campaign when your Little Pony-men run away (as all newly-painted troops tend to do in their first table-top outing).

  18. @ Simon - cheers! I'll try to get decent pics of the full army this weekend.

    @ Anne - don't I always? ;)

    @ Michael - thanks!

    @ Mike - only 36 cavalry. Mind you, that's still a big lot to paint in one go. I use magnetised 2mm MDF bases from Tiny Tin Troops

    @ Clint - well, I've had plenty of practice :)

    @ Andy - the runners and riders have been posted and that is a distinct possibility, or my Koreans could be in a civil war against Gordon's!

  19. Your Koreans are looking really good