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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Still More Piratical Plunder!

And the last of my original orders for Project Pirate Pandemonium has arrived. This was the one that Royal Mail forgot to tell me to collect and returned to Old Glory. So, the customary unpacking pics:

The standard box pic

What pirate force would be complete without a ship?

L to R: The Musketeers;  Ships Guns; Civilians; Artillery crews; Highwaymen

So, with all the orders in it was time to take stock of what I've got and see what I need to order. I have:

more captains than I need
more guns and gun crews than I need (but some of the spares can be used on the ship)
enough general pirates to field a good sized army for FoG:R
plenty of bits to do camps
a ship!

I still need to check the general pirates to find out how many have firearms and how many just have melee weapons, but I think the mix is about what I'm after. I do need to order some more Cimaroons (escaped slaves) and maybe some native Americans. I also need to order a rowboat from Peter Pig.

What else might I order?

More ships!
Pirates throwing "grenadoes"
Some more Chinese and Malays
Some suitable buildings

The ship that I've got is the Blue Moon Man O'War. It's a lovely model, 35 cm long by 7 cm wide, but there are some air bubbles that will need to be filled. I'll also need to do a bit of drilling and opening the gun ports on the open deck. There only appear to be enough dowels to do the masts and top masts but not the crosstrees. For those I can easily use bamboo skewers. It's a three-master and I'm considering adding a bowsprit for a jib sail. I'm not sure what to use for the sails. I've seen good results with paper, but the Madaxeman's barque had sails made from cotton hankies and they looked really effective.


  1. Looks great and promising.
    What else do you need???
    First a mermaid for the ship (sorry but I have to say that) and more parrots...
    And maybe some spooky undead pirates

  2. yup, parrots.

    Dead men tell no tale!

  3. @ Markus and Seb - I have several figures with parrots and monkeys on their shoulders in the collection.
    There's also a mermaid from the Rebel Minis "Pirate Captains" pack.
    Ypou want skeletons? I've got them and for an added bonus I also have giant rat pirates! :)

  4. Too cool, Tamsin! Is a ration of rum required to run this army?

  5. Yaaarrrrrrr!!!

    How much did it cost the pirate to get his ears pierced?

    A buck an ear (say it quickly; keep up folks) ;-)

    Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the chef's specials.

  6. What scale are you going? I happen to have some very old Ral Partha and grenadier pirate and swashbuckler types and ( a j Guthrie?) Female ninja/ swashbuckler. They are 20mm, and I do not have a plan for them anymore.

  7. I cant wait to see these painted Tamsin.

  8. Great looking resin ship - as well as the other loot. Best, Dean

  9. Great stuff! Check out Black Cat Miniatures, they have Chinese Pirates and some other cool pirate figs including some female ones. They are priced right and a good company to deal with.

  10. @ Monty - pirates without rum is like fish 'n' chips without salt 'n' vinegar

    @ Rosbif - don't give up the day job! :)

    @ David Bromley - 15mm here, but thanks for the offer

    @ PK - I have a few things to complete first, but you should see the firs tones soon.

    @ DeanM - the ship's definitely cool

    @ Styx - those are nice figures but the wrong scale for my project.

    1. That's right you are using a smaller scale! My mistake. I guess I am a 25-28mm addict!

  11. Is this going to be a diorama project, or for gaming? If the latter, what rules do you think you might use?


  12. Now you need the royal navy to put an end to the pirate scourge. Or some Spanish troops for them to raid.

  13. this will be good look forward to seeing this come to life

  14. All hands on deck! Prepare to offer honours to passing ship!

    Damn you girl you have got me at it now! If only I had a reason to do such an army..... Grrr stop getting me sidetracked!

  15. Very interesting Tamsin! So get them holes filled and lets see it with some paint on.

  16. That's quite a stock of gear you have there. That will take some painting.

  17. A fantastic project, love the ship!

  18. @ fireymonkeyboy - I'm doing the Buccaneer army for FoG:R and will have figures left over for skirmish gaming (no rules decided on at this point).

    @ chris Stoeson - I already have some figures suitable for British/French/Dutch authorities and also a Portugese African contingent. I just needs some Spaniards for the complete set

    @ Clint - I'm sure that "Red Tamsin" and her motley crew will honour your offer with a broadside!
    Go on - you know you can't resist it! ;)

    @ Ray - I might well make a start on it tonight as I need to get back to painting (I've been taking a bit of a break after doing the Koreans).

    @ Scotty - yup, a goodly hoard of treasure

  19. Beautiful idea!
    Humm, suggestions?
    A ship is not a ship without the sea, and a beautiful seaport is important.
    And With ..a pub for Pirate(?!) :-)
    Good work!

  20. Tamsin!

    I see someone was inspired by the madaxeman...