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Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday Update

Well, it's Sunday so it's update time.

Korean Singi Guard Cavalry

I've managed to finish painting them at last. They've taken a bit longer than I'd hoped but they're nearly done now. I just need to check them for any touch-ups that need fixing then give them a coat of Klear/ink. Tomorrow I'll stick them on their bases. I'll leave adding the basing texture until later in the week when I will know if I actually have time to do that.

Korean Commanders

I've been working on the four command stands for the past 2 days, doing little bits as a break from the cavalry. I'll continue doing that while I'm painting up the foot.

"Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight"

I've had 2 more deliveries of Piratical Plunder this weekend and had an email to let me know that my order from Rebel Minis has shipped. All the packs are of 8 figures, hence the sub-title I've used.

Some Marlburians from Essex Miniatures:

A goodly (badly?) crew of pirates from Peter Pig:

Markus - you'll be delighted to know that one of the poses in the "Pirate Characters" pack has not only a peg leg but also a parrot on his shoulder.

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

Imagine my shock yesterday when I got a Facebook message from Henry Hyde asking me to email him about an article. Our exchange went something like this:

HH - Hi Tamsin, can I ask a huuuuge favour from you?  Could you dig out photos of you Swiss pikemen and do a write up of how you painted them?

HH - ....oh and I will need it by Friday at latest to go in the next issue.

Me - errmmm, maybe, but I'm in panic mode painting right now to get an army finished that I'll be using in a tournament next weekend so might not have the time....

HH - that's greeeaat Tamsin, you're such a star for agreeing to this. I'll look forward to getting your photos and musings.

TP - errmmmm, OK....

Well, how could I refuse an opportunity like this? So, on top of everything else I've got to do this week I will also be going through the pics I took of my Swiss pikemen, selecting ones to illustrate different stages of the process and doing a write-up. If you're at Campaign in Milton Keynes next weekend, pop over and say hello (even better - bring coffee) to the frazzled looking redhead in the FoG:AM tournament area!


  1. Fame at last Tamsin, great news about your article!

  2. Great looking troops Tamsin and excellent news about the article!

  3. Yes! You've got to get it done somehow as this is such an honor. Imagine the stampede to your blog when your Swiss go out in that article. I can't wait!

  4. Good looking figures and great job on getting the call from HH. Little did you know that the price of the photo with him was to write an article;).

  5. Great news on the article. Now all you need to really be considered a big name is a cease and desist letter ;-)

  6. Fame! At last! Congratulations Tamsin, even though I know you'll be exhausted.

  7. I am amazed by the volume of models you paint, to such a good standard in such a short time. I've no doubt you'll be finished in time, even if you're still painting the night before the tournament (been there, done that)!

  8. Great looking Koreans and now your a famous international wargaming correspondent!

    Well done - good luck this week

  9. Congrats Tamsin!! Fantastic news about your article. Now all you need to do is stay awake 24/7 for the next week or so!!!

  10. Thanks guys! finding the pics will be the hardest part of it I imagine (well, maybe remembering which paints I used will be harder).

    It will be interesting to see my name in print.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd better crack on with my Korean infantry! :)

  11. The Koreans look wonderful. I bow my head.
    A Pirate with a peg leg and a parrot??? Yeeesssss.... or better ho ho ho an' a bottle O' rum...
    Looking forward to see them.

  12. really cool the koreans!

    follow me at http://napoleonic-spain.blogspot.com.es/

  13. Cool news. I look forward to seeing this in print!

  14. Congratulations Tamsin. They got my vote in Curt's contest. I may even have to obtain a subscription.