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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Korean Cavalry WIP; Another Delivery

These cavalry have taken a bit longer to finish than I thought they would, mainly from my stupid sequencing of steps which meant I had to go back over things and touch them up. I've learnt my lessons for the next batch.

I've still got to give them their Klear/ink coat (I'll use a thinner mix than normal, about half strength) and base them up, but here are some pics before I do that:

I also had another package delivered this morning. Not more piratical plunder though. This was a set of resin buildings from Kerr & King - an Oriental gatehouse and an Oriental "city" set (5 buildings does not a city make!). The buildings look great with removable roofs and interior detailing.


  1. There' s always a missing step in a stupid sequencing of steps...ALWAYS...believe me... ;-)


  2. Looking good so far! Yeah, I hate when I realized I missed something and have to go back to fix it. Especially awful mold lines.

  3. They look cracking to me Tamisin. Ooooh those buildings, I like, I like. You're having a great week with the postman it seems :)

  4. Cavalry is looking great! The buildings look good - sure they will be as K & K stuff is the dogs ...


  5. The Koreans are looking good.

  6. Looking very smart indeed. The Oriental buildings will looks perfect with these chaps!

  7. Very impressed with the Koreans Tamsin. Those building look cool too!

  8. thanks guys! :)

    @ Marzio and DFlynSqrl - not so much a missed step as a step done later than it should have been done (dry-brushing the gold studs on the armour coat - I did that after painting other details and of course the gold went onto them)

    @ Anne - yep, lots of goodies coming in at the moment :)

    @ Ross - the K&K buildings are definitely the dogs :)

    @ Clint, Ray, lee and Fran - cheers, glad you like them! :)

    @ Sidney - they do look nice, but the details have slowed me down a lot. As for the buildings, well that's what I got them for! I might have to order some of the other fortifications bits from K&K now.

  9. @ Rodger - curse you, sneaking a comment in as I was typing and posting my reply! cheers! :)

  10. The Koreans look very colourful can't wait to them finished and based. Those buildings look rather nice as well. Are you going to do the interiors?

  11. Very lovely Tamsin and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one receiving goodies from the postman even though Salute was only a matter of weeks ago!

  12. Good looking bunch, Tamsin, and it looks like you have the stuff to make a great camp or village even!

  13. Nice models, looks like an aweful lot of work....
    I always find it very tiring painting rows upon rows of the same models..

  14. The cavalry look good and I'm sure they'll make an impressive site based up. The buildings are intriguing.

  15. Very good looking cavalry. How many will be in the completed army?
    Well painted figures deserve good looking terrain

  16. @ SimonQ - the Korean cavalry of the period was very colourful, so I've achieved the aim I was looking for with these. the guard cavalry will be even more colourful!
    I probably will do the interiors and leave the roofs as separate pieces, just in case I get into Oriental skirmish gaming.

    @ Michael - thanks! Well, we've got to keep our posties in work haven't we? ;)

    @ Monty - The buildings will be used for terrain rather than as a camp. Well, maybe the gatehouse could be used for a camp.

    @ Markus - it is a lot of fiddly detail, but at least this first batch has taught me what I need to do for the next batch (already started).

    @ Sean - they are based now, just a couple more steps to do this evening - expect pics later today!

    @ Mike - cheers! There will be 72 cavalry (24 bases) in the completed army. i think the lists allow me to take a bit more, but that would be at the expense of other troops.

  17. Like them!! looking forward to seeing the final result!!

  18. Cool cavalry, very colourful.

  19. @ Einar - you won't have long to wait to see them - I should finish them tonight.

    @ Dan - they certainly are a colourful cavalry cavalcade! :)


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