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Friday, 24 May 2013

100K Prize Draw - The Day 2 Winners

A bit later than planned as I was playing Saga at the club this evening. I didn't win, but had good fun with my Normans. I also spent a few minutes admiring my words on the printed page when I got home - my subscription copy of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames had arrived. Henry's done a marvelous job of laying out my words and photos.

"will you just shut up and get on with announcing the winners?"


First up - the GZG goodies of your choice. There were 128 entries from 37 individual followers. And the lucky winner was:

Well done Vladdd - proof that spamming the comments doesn't necessarily guarantee a win as you only commented once. Please send me an email (Kontactr link under the Postie's Rejects logo) and let me know what you want ordered (and your address for shipping them to).

Second up - the Baccus voucher. This was somewhat more popular, with 141 entries from 36 individuals. And the lucky winner of this one is:

Seb! When he commented, he very generously said that if he won he'd transfer the prize to someone else who had entered. So, for all you Baccus fans who had entered, now you know who to spam/bug/bribe/threaten/blackmail to get that gift voucher! Seb - let me know who the lucky person is please.

Well, there are three more prizes to be won so if you are interested in those don't forget to comment on the posts.


  1. Well done to the winners!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!!

  3. Well done to both winners!

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Congrats to both winners. Very well done and I look forward to seeing the lead painted.

  5. Congrats to the winners. And also congrats to you Tamsin. The article is great. I did something similar 2 years ago with 20mm Makedoniens from Hät.

  6. Congratulations to the winners.

    Just read your article in Miniature Wargames (received my digital copy today). Its a great article and a very impressive achievement. The picture of the finished Pikemen is amazing, even my wife (and long suffering non-gamer) was impressed.

    One thing is missing from your article though...the name (and URL) of your Blog!

  7. Youhou! I won!
    Oh wait, now I have to decide which one of my fellow bloggers will get the voucher...

  8. Congrats to both winners. Seb count me out as I have no need of any Baccus 6mm :-)

  9. Aw RESULT! Cheers for running the comp Tamsin. Time to get shoppin!

    Congrats too to whoever Seb picks!

  10. Congrats to Vladd and Seb!

  11. Huzzah the winners. you're showing the world how to run a give away.

  12. Well done to the winners (who ever the second one is). Poor Seb he has now got a job of work to do LOL (pick me, pick me (double LOL))

    I now know what I am doing tomorrow, I am going to track down a copy of MW


  13. Congrats and if Seb doesn't find somebody willing to the voucher I'm up for the voucher, Seb! :)