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Friday, 3 May 2013

Koreans: Kwang Gun or Singi Gun Cavalry

OK, they're finally finished. When I left them last night there were just two steps to go - spray with matt varnish and flocking the bases.

So, lots of pretty pics:

All of them together:

The Blue Regiment

The Green Regiment

The Red Regiment

Still To Do:

36 Singi Guard Cavalry - these are coming along nicely. With a bit of luck I'll be able to get the painting finished tomorrow and the basing done on Sunday.

48 Kwang Gun Foot - I'll start these on Sunday and hopefully will finish painting  them on Monday, with the basing to be done on Tuesday

4 Command Stands (4 mounted, 12 foot) - I'll be starting these tonight and doing bits and bobs to them as breaks from painting the cavalry and foot.

I've only got a week left to get these finished, which does mean that I won't get a practice game in with them before Campaign. Nothing like turning up to a tournament with an army you haven't used before. Fortunately the cavalry are lancers which I do have experience with, but I've not used medium foot before (in FoG:AM - I've used them in FoG:R) so I'll need to learn how to use them properly in the first couple of games.


  1. good grief you have done well.

    Churning out quality, I am a bit in awe


  2. Another massive output of figures Tamsin

  3. They look superb Tamsin well done. These will bring your great honour on the field of battle!

  4. That's an impressive block of cavalry Tamsin.

  5. That's a lot of work Tamsin! Very well done!

  6. My God woman, this is just amazing. Loads of painted goodness here :)

  7. looking great... lovely amount of detail!

  8. @ all - thanks and glad you like them! :)

    @ Ian - I just wish I'd been able to churn them out faster given how close Campaign is *eeeks!*

    @ Andrew - not as massive an output as that Swiss pike block ;)

    @ Simon - hopefully, hopefully (but they'll have to overcome my appalling dice rolls and crappy generalship *lol*)

    @ Lead Legion - there are another 36 to join them :)

    @ Rodger - I've got even more to do in the next week (thank goodness this is a bank holiday weekend!)

    @ Whisky-poos - :D

    @ Dan - cheers!

    @ Anne - if you like these, the next batch will have you wetting yourself! :)

    @ dhcwargaming - there is a lot of detail on them, which made them a right pain to paint! :)

  9. Very impressive units, the colors are just great!! Very nice work...

  10. They look absolutely superb. Very impressive!

  11. Great paint job - very colourful. May they clear all enemies from the table.

  12. Nice looking miniatures. Blimey does this girl ever sleep!? :-)


  13. Impressive unit!! Love all those armoured horses!!