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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Korean Commanders

Phew! Finished them! They even have flags!

All together:

Commander In Chief

Right Flank Commander

Centre Commander

Left Flank Commander

The flags are free downloads from the Perry website, resized for 15mm.

I will eventually do a few more command stands to enable different classes of general to be easily distinguished on the tabletop.

Kwang Gun Infantry

I've finished painting these at last and have just given them a Klear/ink coat. Once that has dried I'll glue ballast on the base and try to get them to a point where I can easily finish the basing tomorrow evening.

Whoopee! It looks as though I'll have managed to paint up a complete 12 battle group army in just over a month. Quite impressive, particularly when you consider I had the distractions of Salute, the Society of Ancients' Battle Day and two weeks at work which were incredibly hectic and left me too knackered to paint most evenings.

Now I've just got to hope that they perform well in the tournament at the weekend!


  1. great turn out this army is a real head turner
    Peace James

  2. Very impressive Tamsin and good luck with the tourament!

  3. Very nice! The flags really finish the whole ensemble off well.

  4. I honestly don't know how you do it and have the painting come out so well. The flags look great too. Have a good time at the tournament!

  5. Fantastic work on these. I have a soft spot for the Choson Koreans. Best, Dean

  6. Lovely, especially the banners. The basing sets them off very well too. Good luck in the comp!

  7. Very nice stands ! Congratulations for the painting and the basing.

  8. Two thumbs up! One for the figures the other for the tournament. best of luck for one and incredibly well done on the other.

  9. Well done Tamsin. You managed quite well. Now good luck against all those Koreans this week-end.

  10. Very nice Tamsin, The Koreans have there very own unique look I like this army the best out of all the ones i've seen so far

  11. Great stuff, an impressive result for a months work! Best of luck at the tournament.

  12. Glad you all like them and thanks for wishing me luck - I'll need it!

    @ James - I think the contrast between the colourful cavalry and the black-and-white infantry will look particularly good on the table.

    @ Anne - I wish I knew how I am able to do it. I could bottle it and sell it, then retire on the millions from grateful wargamers ;)

    @ DeanM - thanks and welcome to the blog. The Choson Koreans are a great looking army, although they will be masquerading as Koryo Koreans this weekend!

    @ Millsy - I'm glad that I did decide to tuft and flock the bases rather than just flocking them. It makes them look so much better i think.

    @ Seb - only 1 Korean opponent tomorrow, the other 2 are Liao and Southern Song. Who I'm fighting on Sunday will depend on Saturday's results in each pool.

    @ SimonQ - they certainly have a great look to them.

  13. These look really good. What hobby store do you get your basing stuff from? Currently I use Modelzone, but I'm in the U.K and don't know if that's available anywhere else.

  14. Fantastic work Tamsin, they look wonderful! Good luck and have fun!

  15. Nicely done, but the flags are stunning!

  16. Thanks Nathan, Rodger, Markus and Michael :)

    @ Nathan - I get the ballast (Woodland Scenics) and grass/flock (Noch Gaugemaster) from ModelZone as well, but they should be readily available in most countries. The tufts are by MiniNatur and are available from a number of suppliers in the UK and overseas.

    @ Michael - I wish I could take credit for the flags but all I did was resize them! :)

  17. Great looking stands. I may have to go and appropriate those flags as well.

  18. Excellent work Tansim, gotta love the guys on horseback with 2 swords!!