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Sunday, 26 May 2013

100K Prize Draw - The Day 5 Winner (may contain boobs)

Phew! We're finally there. Now my blog can return to a sedate pace with a handful or two of comments per post, rather than the spam it's suffered over the last 2 weeks from some of you.

Anyway, a quick reminder pic of today's prize:

Yup, 2/15ths of Leonidas' force at Thermopylae.

The stats for this draw:
Entrants: 48
Entries: 207
Highest single entry/entrant count: 65 - I think we all know who that was *grin*

And the winner is:

Errmm, that wasn't the pic I meant to post, let's try again:

Nor was that! OK, third time lucky:

Oh dear, it appears I'm suffering from my dice-luck here (at least it wasn't a female Zardoz or Borat)....

At last, the right pic!

So, two comment spammers have won prizes. Mind you, in Seb's case I guess it is karma rewarding him for the generosity he displayed transferring the Baccus voucher to Hetairoi.


  1. Truly, you can have too much spam!

    I for one will happily return to your standard postings and wish I had more of the dedication you show to your painting!

  2. Well done Seb, another new period for you to get your teeth into!!

  3. Yup. I've already started. But I do feel a bit ashamed.

    Anyway, Thanks Tamsin, and Zardoz is a good reference. Did you know Sean Connery and I have something in common?

    1. I didn't know, but let me guess:
      You used to be a milkman
      You used to be a bodybuilder
      You are a major donor to the Scottish Nationalist Party
      You were offered a contract with Manchester United
      You were named as "Sexiest man alive" by a magazine

      Oh, I give up ;)

  4. Congratulations to the winners!

    Are you trying to boost your stats again Tasmin?

  5. Congrats Seb!
    Karma works, thank you for the Baccus Voucher! ;-)

  6. Congratulations again to Seb!

    What Seb and I did wasn't spamming. It was "fully participating" in your give away.

    Thank you again for running this. I had so much fun with it.

  7. Congrats Seb.

    And high praise to Tamsin for running such a dynamic event.

  8. 11th!!! My best result... :-)