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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Aha! So that explains the 25-0!; WIP: Sarmatian Light Foot Javelins #4 - completed; another quandary

Looking through the pics I took last night, I think I discovered the reason my meatheads Sarmatians did so badly last night:

Yes, en route from Qin territories to those of the Western Han they had managed to acquire one of those unfeasibly huge glasses of ale and consume half of it before the battle!!

Sarmatian Javelin/Light Spear Troops

I did find time earlier to add gunk to the bases of the javelin/light spear troops, which means that I can now call them "completed" (yes, I know the bases still need dry-brushing, flocking etc, and then the matt spray varnish to take down the gloss). So, here's a pic:

NB - the gunk does dry much darker than this.

I somehow overestimated how much gunk I'd need and ended up throwing over half of it away. How annoying.

Another Quandary

I'm trying to decide which Ancients army to go for next. At the moment, there are three that I have in mind - Dacian/Carpi, Principate Roman and Koryo Korean. But then, there's the club's Medievals tourney coming up and I may want to do an army for that...


I've got a good system going for ensuring "irregularity" of clothing
They are mainly medium foot
I already have some usable light and medium foot figures
They can take Sarmatian Armoured Lancers as allies ("errr, given your results so far, shouldn't that be a con rather than a pro?" Ed.)

They are undrilled
They are irregulars again
Can't be used in medievals tourney

Principate Roman

Lots of good quality medium and heavy foot
Mostly drilled troops
Can take Sarmatian Armoured Lancers as allies ("I give up!" Ed.)

Oooh! An ancients player with a Roman army - what a surprise!
Are they "morally bankrupt" enough to win?
Can't be used in medievals tourney

Koryo Korean


Lots of good quality medium foot
Mostly drilled troops
Mixed Heavy Weapons/Crossbow battle groups!!! (unfortunately, no portable defences)
They have Arnoured Lancers!! ("pass me that bottle of cyanide will you?" Ed.)
Can be used for medievals tourney

Limited figure availability would mean subbing in other ranges (probably Chinese)*
Some of the flags look quite intricate

*could actually be a pro - it would allow me to use them for Chinese lists as well


  1. As two of your opponents already have Chinese armies, going Korean would allow you to do a Far Eastern mini-campaign quite easily. Also, if you're building the army in 15mm, there are some nice Korean figures by Grumpy (scale well with Essex) in their Renaissance range - apart from a few guns, there isn't a lot of difference between Medieval and Renaissance Korean Armies.

    At a pinch some of your Sarmatians could be recycled as Koreans, especially while you take the army for a test drive.

    The overall upside is that you might find a regular army actually suits your playing style.

  2. I say go for something completely batcrap crazy off the wall. Something that nobody has. Medieval German City Leagues or Early Granadine or something.

    Fanatic Berbers could be cool, too. Camelry!

  3. Korean I'd go for and the further options it gives you, never knew Sarmatians were drunken swines....

  4. So, that's 2 votes for the Koreans, 1 for Romans and 1 for batcrap-crazy. Looks like the Koreans win as my next army (Romands and Dacians may follow later).

    @Kobold - going for drilled will be a good learning experience. I've seen the Grumpy figs and could well go for them

    @Fran - apparently they are (drunken swines that is) ;)

  5. Yep, you can count on a third vote for the Koreans

  6. Is voting closed? Because I didn't realize batcrap-crazy was an option.

    I vote bat-crap crazy.

    Also The Angry Lurker & sebastosfigs change thier votes to batcrap-crazy as well. They...uh... weren't able to post for some unspecified reason.


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