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Saturday, 11 February 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Light Horse

I had said that I'd move onto my javelin troops next, but the light cavalry's horses were nagging me (pun intended) so I made a start on them last night. I decided to paint them in a more sensible order - riders first, then horses. Well, sort of. I did leave some details on the riders unpainted until after starting on the horses as I'd be using the same paints on rider and horse. They should get their gloss varnish coat tonight, leaving just the Klear/ink coat for tomorrow morning before I can base them up.

Anyway, here are some pics for you:

Hmmm, I might even be able to use them in my FoG battle on Monday night - will need to play around with my army lists.

Next up for painting are the javelin troops. After that I can spend some quality time painting up my command groups.


  1. Great painting Tamsin, is that one big unit or two smaller??

  2. 2 small units - in the FoG list for Sarmatians, Light Horse BGs are 4-6 bases (2 figs/base).

  3. Your getting these painted up real quick, got to love LC bow, really can annoy the enermy. Are these just bow or are they swordsmen as well?


  4. Looking good Tamsin. I hope I'll see them tomorrow.

  5. @Ian - I seem to have developed a pretty good system for rapid painting.
    The LC are Bow, Sword

    @Seb - thanks; will try to bring them even if I'm not going to be using them


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