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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Feeling grotty; WIP; Tamsin's Equine Development Facility

I've had a cold for the past week, and it seems to have finally run my energy levels down. This means I haven't felt like doing very much at all. Last night and this afternoon I did do a simple job - making up some measuring sticks and arc of fire pieces for FoG. The sticks were made from 2mm x 4mm styrene strip, marked out in 1" or 40mm segments. The arc-of-fire templates were cut from 2mm styrene sheet - I wish I'd used thinner sheet as it would have made the cutting so much easier. I then used Sharpie marker pens to colour them.


Well, I haven't picked up a paintbrush in anger for several days now. On Wednesday I was just dog tired and wouldn't have been able to concentrate on what I was doing; Monday and Thursday nights I was playing FoG at Central London Wargames Club; Tuesday and Thursday nights were taken up with downloading and uploading my photos and writing up the AARs. If all goes to plan (and my cold starts to ease up) I should be back to painting-painting in a couple of days (as opposed to priming-painting - see next item).

Once the horses (see below) are gesso-primed, I'll crack on with the javelin troops I did the flesh on a few days back; followed by the generals. As the competition game I had scheduled for Monday night is postponed (get well soon Seb's daughter!) and don't have a game scheduled for Thursday, that should give me a clear run this week to get the painting finished before I move on to painting the horses.

Hmmmm, I'm going to have to prep 120 riders as well aren't I?

Tamsin's Equine Development Facility

You may recall that I'd prepped 40 or so of the remaining unpainted horses the other day. Well, I managed to prep the rest this afternoon/evening. They are currently sitting in a bowl of dishwater (clean stuff, not used!!) for degreasing and I'll be rinsing them shortly then setting them out to dry overnight. Tomorrow will be a big gluing-onto-painting-sticks session, and possibly (time allowing) gesso-priming session.


  1. That's a lot a cavalry!!! Happy painting!!

  2. Hi Tamsin. BB 's feelling a bit better today, so still no game for tomorrow, but what about Thursday?

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I've got a cold as well and can sympathise! Good luck with the new horses.

  4. By the time you are finished painting those horses I figure you may well want to move onto some infantry!!!


  5. @Ray - it surely is a lot. I think doing them in bulk like this should make it easier to get the mix of colourings I want.

    @Seb - glad to hear the VIYP is recovering. Thursday sounds good, but will depend on how my cold is - I'll confirm later in the week.

    @Phil - thanks. My cold is actually worse today, hoping this is the trough and I will pick up enough for work tomorrow. Hope your cold clears up soon.

    @Ian - infantry and generals first, then these horses, then the riders (still need to make a thingummyjig to hold the riders for painting). After they are all done it will be some SF stuff - maybe figures, maybe starships.


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