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Thursday, 1 March 2012

2 months in; Koreans it is; The 7 Inch Rule

2 Months In

Well, I've now been blogging for 2 months, and have posted 63 times. That's pretty good going I reckon. In the last month I got 2,488 pageviews which is about 250 more than January, and I didn't even have the boost from Armand/Tango 01 posting my link on TMP. I've also gained 20 new followers, taking me to 75. I guess that this will probably slow down further as time goes by.

I hope you've all been enjoying my WIP pics and AARs. I'd also like to thank everyone who has provided me with tips or recommendations in their comments, and everyone for their encouragement.

Koreans It Is

The votes are in for what my next FoG army - 3 for Koryo Korean; 1 for Romans; 1 for batcrap-crazy; no votes for Dacian/Carpi. I was leaning towards them anyway, but it's nice to have other people backing that up with their votes.

It should be an interesting project - finding suitable figures; researching uniforms and flags; and reading the history. The chances are that I won't have them bought, let alone painted (I've got a lot of other things ahead of them in the queue) in time for the club's medieval competition. That's no problem though, as they could still be done in time for the rumoured FoG:R competition - as Kobold helpfully pointed out, the Grumpy's range includes figures which can be added so that I can use the army for that as well (grrr - another rule set and books to buy!!).

The 7 Inch Rule

Stop sniggering at the back, you dirty-minded bunch. This is a tip - I said STOP SNIGGERING! - that Tim gave me on Monday night for how to use my Sarmatian lancers in conjunction with my light foot skirmishers against medium (and heavy?) foot.

Basically you do this:
Move your lancers in a block to exactly 7 inches in front of the opposition, with your skirmishers ahead and keep them there. There's not much the opposition medium foot can really do - if they charge the skirmishers they come into charge range of the lancers, who would be at a double-plus in impact and likely to be up in melee. If they stay put, the skirmishers will keep shooting and may eventually cause base losses and drops in cohesion, at which point you withdraw the skirmishers and move the lancers up to charge range.


  1. Tas, you've got 4,700+ pageviews from what I can see. Your post count is generally much higher than most blogs I follow (there are a few that haven't posted for months!).

    Looking forward to seeing the Koreans - especially as I'm looking at developing some Samurai (albeit much smaller!!).

    As for the 7 inch rule...no sniggering from me. Now, if you'd said the 8 inch rule....

    It is a good tip though!

  2. Great work on the posts. My blog has been going almost a year and I have only posted about half that number. As for the 7" rule... see Phil's comment above.

  3. @Phil - 2,488 views in February - the 4,700+ is all-time :)
    Hmmm, what scale samurai are you looking at? And what rules for?

    @Rodger - I've made a deliberate point of trying to keep it at 1 post/day so that people get to see progress on my painting and stuff.

    1. "snigger"
      Good job Tamsin, you deserve your ratings. And if you look at my blog, I took your idea about posting once a day to show the progress ;)

  4. "Snigger", it's a good blog and always worth a visit....

  5. *snigger snigger*
    Koreans sounds like a winner. Especially given that you have all those Chinese opponents to fight.

  6. Good work on the blog, certainly been "keepin' it comin' atcha!" a meteoric rise in page views and followsers, much deserved.

    Korean are a novel choice, should be interesting.


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