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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

25-0!! What...A...Result!!!

Unfortunately, the "0" was mine and the 25 was Tim the Madaxeman's. I'm pretty sure that means that Tim and Seb will be through to the 2nd round, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they could end up squaring off again in the final. Will Seb's Qin Chinese reverse their previous narrow defeat, or will Tim's Western Han Chinese triumph over all? We shall have to wait and see.

My meatheads, errmmm, Sarmatians are officially out of the club tournament, so I can relax and learn to play FoG properly with them in friendly matches (of which I have 2 lined up - this Thursday and next Monday).

AAR with pics tomorrow if I have time after adding basing gunk to my javelin/light spear troops; otherwise it will be Wednesday.


  1. Ouch. Looking forward to that report regardless.

  2. oops!! You sure that's not a rugby score??

  3. That's only numbers!! Better luck next time. Looking forward to the report too.

  4. 25-0! Holy Mother! Is that even possible in FOG?

  5. @all - a combination of bad dice, bad generalship and a couple of unfortunate positions. Oh, and my opponent being a big-time tournament player (former European champ). He's a nice chap though, and gave me some useful tips for future.

    @Phil - it is in the tournament scoring system if you don't manage to fragment/break any of theirs and they manage to break enough of yours to cause an army rout.

  6. That's impressive but it has happened to us all and in some cases still happens to us all.....

  7. It was a shame we didn't have a camcorder or time-lapse camera to take pics of the leap-frogging rout and bursting-through sequence that happened on my right wing - would have been a good demonstration of a catastrophe for all wargamers to enjoy!

  8. As the song goes - (in my best D:ream impersonation)

    "Things can only get better"

  9. Until you are on the receiveing end of one of these you have not played near enough games.

    It also seems that that army is the kriyponite of yours.



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