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Sunday, 26 February 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Light Foot Javelins #3

OK, here they are, painted, varnished, Klear/inked and stuck on their bases. It was too late to faff around adding basing gunk tonight, so that will have to wait until Tuesday night as I have my final club tournament match tomorrow night against Tim the Madaxeman and his dastardly Western Han Chinese army. Hopefully my Sarmatians will do a little better this time, as some of their light foot have caught up with the cavalry contingent.

Anyway, some pics for your salivation.

based as light foot

based as medium foot

more medium foot

I'd received a couple of comments that I could have gone darker on the inking, so I mixed up a stronger batch of Klear and Earth Brown (with a couple of drops of black). It seems to work much better (but I need to be more careful about pooling) for these figures, as they *should* look somewhat grungy, being "barbarians". I don't particularly like the parade ground look, but this mix is clearly too grungy for "civilised" troops. If I do decide to go for a "civilised" army, I'll need to experiment a bit to see what Klear/Ink mix works best.


  1. Tamsin, if I could paint as fast as you, I'd be making a lot more money than I do.

    1. But yours are much better painted than mine :)

  2. They look really good. I like the way the inking makes the shields look. Very realistic.

  3. Damned good work, they turned out well....

  4. Cheers guys!

    @Rodger - the inking looks a bit dark at the moment, but that could just be because they are gloss. They might look better when they finally get a matt spray (it's warming up, so shouldn't be long before I can spray without freezing my flat again)


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