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Friday, 17 February 2012

Pics from last night

OK, here are a couple of pics taken during last night's battle. I've uploaded all I took to Flickr, but here are a couple for you to have a sneak peek.

Classical Indians

Meathead Sarmatians

Hmmm, there's a gap in the wall of battle wagons. If only I had some troops nearby who could zip through into the enemy's rear area - can anybody see some that I could use?

*******Newsflash: The BSBoBSMoBSHwLSPT have announced that they should henceforth be referred to as the BSBoL.*******TamsinP, Manager of the Sarmatian's Spring Tour Team has stated that she believes they should be referred to as "The Meatheads"*******The BSBoL have replied that TamsinP should be known as "That Idiot Who Knows Diddly Squat About Tactics" or "TIWKDSAT" for short*******

*******Newsflash: It appears that a VIYP of the Qin Dynasty has been taken ill*******Qin General summoned to attend to VIIP*******Monday's BSBoL vs Qin match may be postponed*******

VIYP = Very Important Young Personage (Seb's daughter)


  1. Nice line ups.................mmmmmmm I'm sure Ive see those time travellers before, a VW battle wagon......has potential.

  2. Hang on!!! Hussites? In India? I'd recognize that flag anywhere. Did they arrive with the owner of the van?

    OK, so I know squat about classical Indian warfare. I am amazed that they had war wagons (and Hussites would be a fine proxie); they are just so stereotypically central European in my narrow knowledge of the world.

  3. @Guido - I believe the hippies had taken rather a lot of experimental drugs, which had the effect of enabling them to create and pass through a rift in the time-space continuum. Unfortunately, they forgot that it would be at least 2000 years before the drugs would be invented and found themselves stuck there, with no petrol to run the VW, but they are attempting to refine biodiesel from bamboo

    @Lentulus - yup, Hussite war wagons subbed in for camel/bullock carts. From what I've read, quite a few ancient peoples did use carts/wagons filled with missile troops to form mobile walls. I just hadn't picked up on the Indians being one of them and didn't remember that option in the list.


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