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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Camera accident, Snow and Sarmatian Camp(s)

When I posted earlier, I forgot to mention that I'd had to switch to my old camera. This was because of an accident involving my new camera which will mean me having to take it to a camera shop for minor repair. So, this is what happened.

I was setting up the camera on its tripod in order to take a picture of the texture "gunk" I use on my bases. Just as I'd got the shot set up, I sneezed causing me to jerk the camera. This caused it to topple forward extended lens first right into the gunk. Lovely - acrylic texture gel over the lens, all around the zoom bits and in between the lens and the sliding lens cover. After a good sponging to remove as much gunk as possible, I discovered that the lens cover-slides weren't shutting and so the camera wouldn't power down. Arrrrggghhhh! I've only had the camera just over a month!!

Here's a pic of the gunk. Looks lovely doesn't it? You can even see the lens-shaped crater!


Well, it has snowed in London this evening. I don't know what time it started as my curtains have been closed all evening. I only noticed when I popped to the bathroom. Here's a pic of the street outside:

Sarmatian Camps:

Heyyyy good lookin! / Wha-aaat you gotta cookin'? :

You can't trust anyone:

I reckon he's got the goat(s):

Roll out the barrel, choppity-chop! :

Possible full camp set up:

other camp bits:

I'll probably add some bits from this one onto the camp with the "gers" (not yurts).

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