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Friday, 10 February 2012

Just a quickie

Well, I got back very late, cold and slightly snow-covered after last night's game of FoG. My Sarmatians were well received by club members.

However, they didn't fare too well on the table due to a combination of factors:

  • My opponent having a huge pike phalanx
  • Awkward terrain placement
  • Bad luck with the dice
  • A somewhat stupid deployment (I kicked myself later when I spotted what I should have done)
  • My tactical ineptitude/inexperience with the rules

However, it was a good learning experience. I'm just glad it wasn't a competition game.

Full AAR with pics to be written and posted this evening.


  1. Hmm, sorry to read that, though I,m now a bit more hopeful ;P

  2. @Fran - I've certainly learned from my mistakes, so hopefully should do better next time (OMG! Next time is Monday!!!)

    @Seb - the learning exercise was useful and has made me rethink my army list, which should make me a bit more effective in my next few battles. In other words - don't get your hoped up just yet ;)

  3. Looking forward to that army report Tamsin. Bad luck on the game though. But Phalanx plus bad cavalry terrain is bad news for Sarmatians. Next time... next time..

  4. By the way Tamsin. Can't help notice a certain resemblance between you and one of the 28mm painted figures I just posted on my blog. It's the hair mostly. Take a look and see what you think. If you ever need a mini to represent yourself, I reckon this is the sculpt for you.

    1. The infinity figure? Hmmm, yes, there is a certain resemblance although alongside her I believe the phrase to describe me is "needs more boobies" ;)

      I can see why you wanted to spend a lot more time painting her up - it's a lovely sculpt

    2. it really is a lovely scuplt. I was thinking more of the mini further down. The one with the rifle and the parang. A little bit of green stuff to give her more hair and she wouldn't be far off your avatar photo.

    3. the one in this pic? Definitely me (although I still "need more boobies" lol). Certainly captures my punk attitude :)

    4. grrr, forgot to link to the post: http://www.leadlegion.com/2012/02/various-meetings-and-supply-runs-took.html

  5. If its any consolation, you can read my battle report from last night's FOG game (on the blog tomorrow) where I made around 150 mistakes, threw terrible dice (and my opponent took the mick by having his best dice throws ever) and generally had the worst game of FOG I have ever had.

    1. Hi Phil,

      Oh dear - sounds bad. My own game could have been a lot worse, but like I said it was a great learning experience.

    2. Another battle report? Good news.

  6. You attacked a phalanx with sarmatian cav! Did you at least make a dent in it?

  7. Best leave the phalanx alone and break his army via the other components. I'm guessing not much of a dent.

    Also looking forward to the AAR, at the start of my FoG journey


  8. Some you win some you lose, the trick is to try and remember what you did wrong and try not to repeat it too much, if you can then your a darn site better than me!!

  9. @Paul and Ian - errmmm, as a sneak preview of my AAR, I accidentally got my lancers too close and one BG failed its CMT to not charge, burst through 2BGs of my light foot in front and charged into 2 BGs of pikes. It got broken eventually, but in doing so somehow broke one of the pike BGs.

    @Ray - sometimes my memory makes goldfish look good, but I hope that won't be the case with my FoG battles ;)


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